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The Food Pyramid Sean Greene.

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1 The Food Pyramid Sean Greene

2 Content Area: Health and Wellness
Grade Level: 4th Grade Summary: Given multiple choices, the student will be able to identify the correct choice of food group with 100% accuracy. Objective: 5.2 explain how personal health and body composition is influenced by balancing diet and physical exercise. Standard 5: The student will understand the relationship of nutrition to healthy living.

3 Instruction The basics of the Food Pyramid and Healthy eating habits

4 Instruction 2 What the food groups provide? Sweets- Sugar
Dairy- Calcium Meat- Protein Fruits- Vitamins and Nutrients Veggies- Vitamins and Nutrients Bread- Carbs

5 Instruction 3 Fun Food Games
Extra Information Nutrition Dictionary

6 Which Food Group Requires 3-5 servings a day?
Vegetables Fruits Sweets

7 Correct Congratulations! Keep it up!!!
Vegetables are an important source of nutrition!

8 What Food Group Provides the Body With Carbs?
Meats Bread Dairy

9 Correct Congratulations! Keep it up!!!
The bread and wheat group give you energy for the day!

10 Which Food Group Provides the Body with Protein?
Fruits Sweets Meat

11 Correct Congratulations! Keep it up!!!
Meats such as chicken give the body protein to help build and recover muscles!!

12 Summary You will have learned about the different groups of the food pyramid and what they provide for your body. You will also have learned how to plan each meal and how much of eat food group should be in your meals.

13 Summary Keeping a balanced and healthy diet will lead to a happy and energetic life!!

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