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Tourism Carmen, Noemie, Tommy.

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1 Tourism Carmen, Noemie, Tommy

2 Definition of Tourism "Tourism is a collection of activities, services and industries which deliver a travel experience comprising transportation, accommodation, eating and drinking establishments, retail shops, entertainment businesses and othe hospitality services provided for individuals or groups traveling away from home"

3 Growth of Tourism

4 Definition of Tourist A person who travels to a destination which is not their home and stays there for over one night.

5 Info graphic

6 Advantages of Tourism Many jobs are created for locals in the tourism industry More tax income for the country due to more people having jobs Tourism exposes the tourist and the locals to other cultures Development of local infrastructure and facilities Conservation of cultural heritage

7 Disadvantages of Tourism
Increased tourism increases waste production and the over consumption of resources Delicate ecosystems, like corral reefs, can be damaged and destroyed Cultural dilution Increases in tourism have encouraged the building of ‘Mega Resorts’ Development of land increases its value Differences in culture may offend locals and undermine social conventions in the host country Tourism leakage effect

8 Case Study: USA

9 Statistics The USA is the second biggest tourist destination in the world after France. In 2011 there was 62.3 million tourist arrivals. From 2010 to 2011 there was a 4.2% increase in tourism. The USA makes more profit from tourism then any other country in the world.

10 Economy Tourism is either the first, second or third biggest employer in the the USA in 29 states. 128 billion dollars was made in 2011 from tourism.

11 Most Visited Times Square is the most visited place in the USA with over 35 million visitors each year. The grand canyon gets over 5 million visitors each year.

12 9/11 World Trade Center attacks
After 9/11 there was a 45% drop in tourism for the rest of 2001, this hurt the hotel, restaurant, taxi and largely the airline companies.

13 Thailand Case Study

14 GEM… Tourism in Thailand is a major economic factor
Tourism has grown massively in Thailand In 2008 Bangkok was ranked 3rd behind London and New York in Euro monitor International's list of "Top City Destinations" with 10,209,900 visitors  According to the “Tourism Authority of Thailand” 55% of the tourists in 2007 came from the Asia Pacific region (Japanese and Malaysians) Massive increase of Russian tourists

15 … The Chinese visit Thailand the most: 2,789,345 tourists in 2012
In 2012: 22,303,065 tourists The main International Slogan for Thailand that worked best was “The Amazing Thailand”

16 Problems… In 2002 Thailand had less available water per person than any other country in Asia, and nearly one third of its water was “unsuitable for human consumption” Deforestation- Building Hotels, Condos and Tourist attractions…  Forest cover fell drastically from 53% in 1961 to 25% in 1998 Air pollution: Bangkok Biggest problem currently is water pollution


18 Responsible tourism in Thailand
It’s a new concept that started in the 1990’s Responsible tourism is tourism that should not cause any harm to the country and minimize impact on the local community Responsible traveling promotes a respect for indigenous culture, the minimization of the negative environmental impacts of tourism, active participation and help in volunteering to assist local communities

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