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The World of Hospitality

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1 The World of Hospitality
Ch. 1 HS

2 Hospitality Hospitality – meeting the needs of the guest with kindness and goodwill Hospitality Industry – provides services to people away from home Include food, lodging, recreation and travel Goal of Hospitality – is to make sure that guests feel good, safe, and happy as a result of using their businesses

3 Size & economic impact Industry grows by 3.9% a year
Has a major impact on national economics around the world More than 18 million people work in the industry Is approx. 1 out of every 8 jobs in the US Generates more than $2 trillion each year International visitors spend $70 billion directly Hospitality taxes generate over $100 billion in tax revenues

4 Food & Beverage Food & Beverage Industry - consists of businesses that prepare food for customers Can range from fancy to casual Can be large or small Are located in another business Provide nearly 50% of all meals eaten each day Employs over 11 million people Expected to double by 2015

5 lodging Lodging – means a place to sleep for one or more nights
Accommodation – means a place to sleep Lodging industry – consists of businesses that provide overnight accommodations Lodging Property – a business that provides overnight accommodations Vary from expensive resort hotels to budget motels About 13 million rooms worldwide

6 recreation Recreation – is any activity that people do for rest, relaxation, and enjoyment Goal of Recreation – is to refresh a person’s body and mind Recreation Industry – consists of businesses that provide activities for rest, relaxation, and enjoyment Four Types of Recreation: Entertainment – provide a show for you to watch Attractions- are places of special interest to visit Spectator Sports – are sports you watch that others play Participatory Sports – are sports that you take part in yourself

7 Travel & Tourism Travel Industry- consists of businesses that physically move people from one place to another Include automobile, bus, train, ship and airplane Varying lengths, from short to long Tourism Industry – consists of businesses that organize and promote travel and vacations Include travel agencies, tour operators, cruise companies, meeting and convention planners, convention and visitors bureaus, and local and national tourism bureaus Package – is a trip that includes several segments of the hospitality industry

8 The Role of travel Pleasure Travel- is travel that is done for rest and relaxation AKA Leisure Travel Vacation – is a period of time during which a person rests and is free from daily obligations 1950s – two week periods with relatives or friends Today – shorter and more often Business Travel – is travel that people do as part of their jobs Businesspeople take approx. 208 million trips a year About 66% stay in hotels for about 3-nights Average of 1,022 miles per trip; 60% by car and 38% by air 18% combine vacations with business 35% of business travelers are female

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