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Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance.

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1 Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

2 Current provision (Website Statement) All learners in the Academy will: Take part in a careers programme in years 7 to 13 that helps them to: Understand their education, training, employment and other progression opportunities Develop the skills they need to plan and manage their own personal development and career progression access relevant information and learning from Taster activities and experience of work Make and maintain individual progression plans to help them improve their prospects of success offer feedback and ideas on how to improve the careers programme Have access to, and support with using careers information that is: Easy to find and available at convenient times and in convenient locations, including on the intranet Clearly labelled and referenced Comprehensive, giving details of all progression opportunities and associated support arrangements such as financial help Unbiased and up-to-date

3 CEIAG Provision Year 7-8YEAR 9KS4 POST-16 KS5 POST-18 Career Advice and Guidance 1.Careers Club 2.Industry Event 1.Guidance Interviews: KS4 Options choices 2.Year 9 options Event 3.Year 9 parents evening 1.Guidance Interviews: Post- 16 choices 2.Year 10/11 Parents evening 3. Sixth Form Open Day 1.Guidance Interviews: UCAS application, Post-18 choices 2.Year 12/13 Parents evening 3.University Open Days Careers education: PHSCE Your Life 2 UNIT 4 - you and your money UNIT 12 - employment and unemployment UNIT 18 - understanding business Your Life 3 UNIT 11 - investigating careers UNIT 14 ‑ You and your choices - for Years 10- 11 UNIT 18 ‑ You and your money – you as a consumer Kudos Inspire  Review career choices  Career & pathway exploration  Choosing post-16 courses Kudos Inspire  Action Planning for career & HE  Building UCAS shortlist  Building personal statement  Building CV Work-related learning  ECM day : Money Matters Yr 7 July  ECM day: Fashion Fix Yr 8 May  Open Doors Visit July  Business In the Community Job Fair November  ECM Days Learn to Earn October  ECM ‘Prospects in Play, choosing your options ’ February F/L Work Experience Inspire work Skills Programme ECM ‘Work skills’ challenge Yr 11 December 1.BTEC Extended Work Experience 2.Academic work experience 3.Industry Links for Vocational Level 3 Qualification 4.University/UCAS Visits 5.ECM: Stock Market Challenge Yr 12 6.ECM: Careers Carousel and Getting PAID day Yr 13

4 Careers Library Careers information Resources: 1.i-pads 2.Books 3.Journals Activities: 1.Interviews 2.Mentoring 3.Coaching and Training Clapton Extra 1.Lunch Time Drop session 2.After School clubs 3.Industry Events Access Project Tutorials 1.One-to-one support 2.Weekly one hour long 3.Termly student progress reports After-school clubs 1.Medicine Society 2.Veterinary Society 3.Creative Writing, Film Club 4.Model United Nations 5.Current Affairs 6.Enterprise Workshops: 1.Choosing a university and course 2.One-to-one personal statement mentor and tailored interview practices. 3.Work experience, Internships in government departments.

5 Kudos: Discover the careers that suit you What is Kudos? Kudos is an impartial online careers guidance and information program that helps young people plan their future and make informed decisions Link: Kudos is ideal for 13-19 year olds. It provides young people a personalised experience based on their interests and educational aspirations to suggest suitable careers. They can explore these suggestions or look at their own career ideas; they can then see how well matched they are to them. A useful ‘Dashboard’ feature provides a centralised point for accessing all of the program’s features. Guidance is available in each section to help the user get the most out of their Kudos experience. They can consider their study and training options and record subjects that are studying or are planning to study. Students can add careers and subjects to their own personal Action Plan, where they can set goals and target dates. Up-to-date and accurate detailed information is provided on over 700 different careers (covering over 1,800 job titles)


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