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2 Choices at 16 Continue education at Sixth Form, College or Sixth Form College Learn and earn at the same time through an Apprenticeship Employment with Accredited Training Volunteering combined with part-time study or training

3 Choices at 16 – What to Study If you decide to stay in education you will need to make decisions on: –What subjects you want to study –What qualifications you want to gain –Where to study Don’t forget to think ahead! What do you want to do at age 18?

4 What is Help You Choose? Norfolk’s careers information, advice and opportunities website for young people Prospectus of courses, training and jobs in Norfolk Career Plan Help with choosing your options The website address is:

5 The Help You Choose Homepage

6 For Post-16 Options Click the 6th Form & College Courses button

7 How to Apply 1.Search courses 2.Choose which courses to apply for 3.Click ‘Apply’ 4.You will either be taken to a downloadable application form or to the provider website to apply. 5.If you use the downloadable form you must save it either on your school or home computer. No information will be saved on Help You Choose. 6.If you are directed to a provider website follow the instructions on how to apply.

8 1. Search courses Use the search options to find the specific courses you want

9 1. Search courses To find courses at the local sixth form: Type “INSERT SIXTH FORM NAME HERE” into the Quick Search box and click Search Courses

10 Click a course to find out more about it 1. Search courses

11 2. Choose which courses to apply for Click ‘Add to Application’ next to the courses you want to select. They will then appear in your course basket.

12 When you’ve finished selecting courses, click ‘Apply Now’ 3. Ready to Apply

13 4. Download Application Form If you have chosen courses at more than one Sixth Form or College you may get a downloadable application form for each. Click on ‘Download Application Form’ and fill out each application form.

14 The Application Form The application form will open as a word document. When you have completed your application form you must save it either to your school or home computer. Remember no information will be stored on Help You Choose. Check your application form carefully making sure there are no spelling mistakes. You can then either email your application to the email address on the application form or send it by post to the Sixth Form or College you are applying too.

15 When you click apply for some Sixth Form and Colleges you will be taken directly to their website to either complete an online application form or to download an application form. In some cases you may need to create an account on the Sixth Form or College website. Other Ways of Applying

16 Apprenticeships, Jobs and Training If you are interested in looking for an Apprenticeship you can view all the opportunities available to you in Norfolk in the Apprenticeship, Jobs and Training Section.

17 National Apprenticeships Website You can register for apprenticeship vacancies at

18 Help You Choose ‘Info & Advice’ If you’re unsure about what to do next or need more information on your options, make sure you visit the Info & Advice section of Help You Choose. There you can find out more about: –Qualifications –Training options –Careers –Jobseeking –Higher Education –Financial help

19 Info & Advice

20 Where to get Support Careers teachers or subject teachers Form or year tutors Staff at the college or sixth form you want to go to Staff at training providers who organise work-based learning including apprenticeships Your mentor Guidance/Careers Adviser

21 National Careers Service The National Careers Service provides information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work opportunities The service offers confidential, helpful and impartial advice, supported by qualified careers advisers You can access the website from the homepage of Help You Choose

22 National Careers Service Homepage

23 What to Do in Autumn Term Look at Help You Choose and shortlist courses Go to Open Days and Events Check if you can get any financial help while you study Check when your application needs to be done by Think about a back up plan Complete your applications and send off

24 Key Dates Don’t forget that your sixth form options event will be held on INSERT DETAILS The application deadline for the sixth form is INSERT DATE

25 Help You Choose Helpdesk 0344 800 8022 If you have a question about the Help You Choose website you can contact the helpdesk:

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