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Emma Day – Sixth Form Careers Advisor

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1 Emma Day – Sixth Form Careers Advisor
Year 10 Aspirations Evening Supporting your daughter to secure the best university place Emma Day – Sixth Form Careers Advisor

2 Objectives To provide an overview of what to consider when you daughter is making a choice about Post 18 options To provide an overview of UCAS To share the support available to your daughter

3 RR6 Our Year 13 leavers achieved a 100% pass rate in their courses.
Of those students who applied to University, 95% have successfully achieved a place and start at the University of their choice over the next few weeks Recruitment into Year 12 has increased significantly as we welcome 120 students into the Sixth Form

4 Why go to University? Independence Meet people
Experience a different part of the country (or world) Explore a personal interest in a subject Gain a qualification towards career progression Gain transferable skills

5 What is UCAS? UCAS is a non-profit making clearing house for universities All university applications must be made online via UCAS 5

6 UCAS Application Process
Apply for a maximum of 5 university choices Online application: Personal details Qualifications Education Work experience Personal statement Reference 6

7 # Making Choices – think beyond choosing subjects for Year 12
Which subjects do I like? Which subjects am I good at? Which subjects will I need for my chosen career? What is my preferred way of learning? What is my preferred type of assessment, i.e. exams or coursework? What are my skills and abilities? What am I good at, i.e. a good listener? Good with computers? Being creative? Good with people? Team Worker? Respond to challenge? Evaluate your work experience.

8 Types of University Oxbridge -Oxford and Cambridge The Russell Group
Grades Expected for Oxford: A*A*A & AAA depending on subject Grades Expected for Cambridge: A*AA The Russell Group Red-brick Universities Old Polytechnics/New Universities Further Education Colleges

9 What is the Russell Group?
The Russell Group represents 24 leading UK universities Committed to maintaining the very best research Outstanding teaching and learning experience Links with business and the public sector

10 Russell Group Universities
Birmingham Bristol Cambridge Cardiff Durham Edinburgh Exeter Glasgow Imperial Kings College London Leeds Liverpool London School of Economics & Political Science Manchester Newcastle Nottingham Oxford Queen Mary, London Queen’s University Belfast Sheffield Southampton University College London Warwick York


12 Choosing A Level Subjects
‘Facilitating’ subjects: Maths and further maths Physics Biology Chemistry History Geography Modern and classical languages English Literature

13 Research Entry requirements – subjects, grades for GCSE and A level
Type of university Location

14 Types of University Red-brick Universities
Well established university in most cities across the UK. These are often described as red brick universities and many of these are part of The Russell Group. Grades Expected: AAA-CCC Old Polytechnics/New Universities In 1992 the polytechnics were all changed to be called universities. The polytechnics used to only do more vocational courses which is why some of them are now highly regarded in industry. For example Preston University is one of the best places to study Journalism. Grades Expected: depending on competition for course, BBB – EE (or points equivalent) Colleges These institutions primarily offer courses such as HNDs, BTECs in vocational subjects as well as Foundation courses, Degree Courses and the opportunity to re-sit as well as some degree courses Grades Expected: dependent on application

15 Support at School Comprehensive PSHE/Career Programme to end of Year 13 Opportunity to join university-run aspiration events Encouragement to join extra curricular activities to broaden and develop transferable skills Up-to-date knowledge of applying to university

16 How can you help? Support your daughter in making their own choices about their future Access the parent advice available on 16

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