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Tourism in Queensland. Queensland Tourism 16.4 million domestic visitors 1.86 million international visitors Total expenditure by visitors = $17.8 billion.

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1 Tourism in Queensland

2 Queensland Tourism 16.4 million domestic visitors 1.86 million international visitors Total expenditure by visitors = $17.8 billion Contributes $6.3 billion to the Queensland economy Accounts for 6.4 percent of Queensland’s GSP Generates $4.7 billion annually as an export earner Seventh largest industry in Queensland Second largest export earner for Queensland Employs over 150,000 Queenslanders (9% of Qld employed)

3 Australian Ecotourism Industry Why Australia is the international leader in ecotourism? Record of innovation Product excellence Government support for ecotourism policy Active peak industry body (Ecotourism Australia) 1999 600 ecotourism operators Annual turnover of $250 million Employing 4500 full-time staff 2001 2,935 nature-based and ecotourism operators Qld largest number of operators at 794 (27%)

4 Australian Ecotourism Market Nature based activities include: Visiting national parks, bushwalking, wildlife watching, scuba diving and snorkelling 32% of domestic tourists (24 million) 71% of international tourists (3 million) Extensive National Parks, State Forests and Marine Parks 16 World Heritage Properties QLD WHA include: Great Barrier Reef Fraser Island Australia’s Tropical Rainforest Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves of Australia Riversleigh Fossil Fields

5 What is Ecotourism? “Ecotourism encompasses a spectrum of nature-based activities that foster visitor appreciation and understanding of natural and cultural heritage and are managed to be ecologically, economically and socially sustainable.” Key Elements ecologically, economically & socially/culturally sustainable dependent on the natural environment involves education & interpretation contributes to conservation sustains local communities involves fun & enjoyment Not defined by scale but adherence to key elements

6 Why Focus on Ecotourism? Ecotourism is a growing ‘niche market’ Ecotourism represents the ‘greening’ of tourism Ecotourism is a response to the demands of an increasingly environmentally aware global community Ecotourism generates economic benefits Ecotourism in Queensland has a competitive advantage

7 Queensland Ecotourism Plan (QEP) The Vision “Queensland will be the world’s leading ecotourism destination with government, industry and the community working in partnership and adopting best practice planning, development, management and marketing.” Objectives Environmental Protection & Management Ecotourism Industry Development Infrastructure Development Community Development Research Objectives implemented through 54 Actions

8 Some Key Issues Tourism in Protected Areas Ecotourism market research Eco Certification and best practice Indigenous tourism Industry advocacy & support

9 Resources for industry, government agencies and community: Ecotourism Rapid Assessment Model Grow Your Ecotourism Business Tour Operator Tool Kit Outback Interpretation Manual Innovation in Interpretation Environmental Impact Monitoring Working With Communities Best Practice Ecotourism in Queensland Industry Support

10 The Future of Ecotourism Ecotourism moving from a ‘niche’ to mainstream tourism market The ecotourism industry is providing leadership for the wider tourism industry on the adoption of the ‘triple- bottom line’ principles of ecological, economic, & social & cultural sustainability The tourism industry has the potential to be the exemplar ESD industry

11 Other Niche Markets Indigenous Fishing Gay & Lesbian Adventure Marine Backpacker Arts & Culture

12 Other Niche Markets Business, Conferences & Incentives Food & Wine Events Drive Cruise Bed & Breakfast/Farmstay Education

13 Strategic Tourism Management Growing Tourism Strategy 2001 Whole of government approach to sustainable tourism planning and development Queensland Tourism Strategy Planning framework for the coordination, management and development of the tourism industry over the next 10 years (in progress to be completed in 2006) Destination Management Planning Destination Management Plans identify the key development, marketing and coordination strategies necessary to guide the sustainable tourism growth of Queensland’s destinations

14 Destination Management Plans Table of Contents Section 1Destination Management Planning Planning Context, Qld Tourism Business Environment & Industry Overview Section 2Destination Analysis - Destination Description & Performance - Market & Competitor Analysis - Destination Marketing & Development - Tourism Services Analysis - Stakeholders & Partnerships- Community Capacity Analysis - SWOT Analysis and Strategic Implications Section 3Strategic Vision - Destination Outlook & Positioning - Targeting Strategy - Destination Management Goals & Strategies - Implementation

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