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SAVING THE MAYA CULTURAL AND NATURAL HERITAGE OF GUATEMALA Sustainability Through Public – Private Partnerships Fernando Paiz, PACUNAM.

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1 SAVING THE MAYA CULTURAL AND NATURAL HERITAGE OF GUATEMALA Sustainability Through Public – Private Partnerships Fernando Paiz, PACUNAM

2 01 FOUNDATION FOR CULTURAL AND NATURAL MAYA PATRIMONY - PACUNAM - Foundation formed by leading local and regional companies with a long term commitment. Capable to integrate the efforts of the private sector, government and civil society, to generate high impact projects for the protection of Guatemalas cultural and natural heritage. Mission To coordinate efforts and facilitate resources to identify, lead and promote projects for the protection and rescue of the cultural and natural heritage of Guatemala. UNITED TO PROTECT A GLOBAL LEGACY

3 Kan Kingdom The Kan Kingdom is located in northern Guatemala in the heart of the Maya Biosphere Reserve. It has a unique ecosystem with diversity of flora, fauna and some of the oldest and largest archaeological sites in Mesoamerica. It is one of mankinds most important archeological treasures. KAN KINGDOM

4 We are committed to sustainably develop the Kan Kingdom and to transform it into an unparalleled archeological destination. Supporting scientific investigation, we promote the realization of new discoveries of the vast amount of archeological and natural treasures throughout Kan Kingdom. We want to combat poverty and improve the quality of life of the surrounding communities through a successful local economic model that promotes sustainable development. We contribute to improve the productivity of the communitarian forestry concessions and obtain their cooperation with our mission. Sustainable development can be reached mainly through intelligent planning that promotes cultural and ecotourism activities. SAVING THE CRADLE OF MAYA CIVILIZATION

5 The Kan Kingdom is part of the largest pristine tropical rainforest left in Mesoamerica. By protecting it, we are contributing to mitigate global warming. BY SAVING OUR FORESTS WE SAVE THE PLANET

6 PACUNAM's work focuses on facilitating scientific and archaeological research, therefore encouraging the development of productive activities and promoting environmental conservation. The Foundation seeks to support specific projects in each of these areas in order to promote sustainable development. Support to archaeological research, restoration and conservation Development of sustainable tourism Support responsible and sustainable forestry Conservation of the environment SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FOR THE BENEFIT OF FUTURE GENERATIONS

7 02 Project: Definition and management of a touristic destination in the Kan Kingdom, Petén, Guatemala PACUNAM partnered with FOMIN. The project that is being funded by FOMIN/PACUNAM is named: Definition and Management of a Touristic Destination in the Northern of Petén, Guatemala.

8 Development, definition and management of a tourist destination in the northern Petén, Guatemala by improving hospitality services in local communities, by strengthening their abilities through training and technical assistance. We will contribute to transform this unique tourism destination into an economic source for the development of surrounding communities and in the process contribute to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage of the area.

9 KAN KINGDOM A Great Past, A Great Future. … a new place to discover…

10 OBJECTIVE Support the definition and management of a tourist destination in northern Petén through the integration of local communities and SME. IMPORTANT AREAS IMPORTANT AREAS Strengthen the organizational model to improve their planning abilities, touristic development and conservation of the natural and cultural heritage.BENEFICIARIES Communitarian Organizations and Forest Concessions, Government Institutions, Local Organizations, Private Tourist Corporations and others. COMPONENTS COMPONENTS : Tourism Planning Strengthening the Local Associative Model Tourism Product Development Marketing

11 Market Research and Market Strategy. Tourism Development Plan Diagnosis and Analysis of the Legal Framework that applies in the region Study for the Detection of Credit Needs and Evaluation of the Microloan Market Potential for the Hospitality Sector Situational Diagnosis and Business Improvement Plan for 3 communitarian organizations Administrative, Accounting and Task Assignment Manuals, for execution in 8 Communitarian Forest Concessions Scientific and Museum Script for the Tourist Circuit Carmelita-Mirador and Uaxactún Archeological Site ACHIEVEMENTS ACHIEVEMENTS :

12 Completed a Training and Technical Assistance Program including 27 training courses benefiting 5 communities Basic English Hygiene, Food Safety and Food Management Quality Management Customer Service Food and Beverage Group Management and Hosting Mayan Culture and Wildlife Interpretation of the sites and others Publishing of 3 illustrated practical guides for the host communities. Creation of the trade mark Kan Kingdom and its Brand Manual. ACHIEVEMENTS ACHIEVEMENTS :




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