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University of California:

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1 University of California:
Berkeley Fariha Patel Period 5 AVID

2 The City of Berkeley highlighted within Alameda County.
Fast Facts UC Berkeley has a campus size of 1,232 acres. Setting: Urban Small city (50, ,999) Residential campus The City of Berkeley highlighted within Alameda County.

3 Fast Facts (continued)
Berkeley was the first UC. UC Berkeley uses the semester system. 25 alumni have won a Nobel Prize. Berkeley’s mascot is a bear named Oski. The school colors are blue and gold. 25.6% of applicants are accepted. Degrees offered are Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral.

4 International Students
California Residents Non-CA, US Residents International Students Applicants 38,443 7,189 4,750 Admitted 9,495 2,468 1,044 (% Admitted) (24.7%) (34.3%) (22%) Enrolled  4,033 696 524

5 Students that were admitted had…
SAT Reasoning Test Scores (25th % 75th percentiles) Reading:  Math:  Writing:   Average Score: 2031 Average Unweighted GPA  3.93 Average Weighted GPA  4.39

6 Student Information Student Population: Approximately 35,838 students
American Indian/Native Alaskan <1% 250 Asian/ Asian American/ Pacific Islander 42% 13, 164 Black/ Non-Hispanic 3% 1, 203 Hispanic 11% 3, 745 White/ Non-Hispanic 30% 11, 900 Non-Resident Alien 8% 574 Not Reported 6% 2449 Berkeley has a diverse student body.

7 Housing Housing options: Coed Housing Men's Housing Women's Housing
Apartments For Married Students Apartments For Single Students Cooperative Housing Fraternity/Sorority Housing Special Housing For Disabled Students Special Housing For International Students

8 Housing (continued) The different halls available for housing are:
Clark Kerr Campus Foothill Bowles Stern Unit 1 Unit 2 Wada Apartments (off campus) Unit 3 Channing-Bowditch Apartments (off campus)

9 Campus Life There are many different clubs and organizations for students to join. Choral groups Concert band Dance Drama Film society Fraternities International students Jazz band Radio station

10 Football Tennis Baseball Lacrosse Fencing Raquetball Badminton
Bowling Golf Ice Hockey Raquetball Water Polo Football Lacrosse Soccer Basketball There are many sports students can join. The following are only a few of the many. Softball Fencing Handball Tennis Baseball Volleyball

11 Art Some courses available for students to take are:
Introduction to Visual Thinking The Language of Drawing The Language of Painting The Language of Sculpture The Language of Print Making Digital Media Foundation

12 Common Student Profile
A common student would be: an Asian. a female. majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

13 Expenses Living on-campus Living at home Commuting, not living at home In-state tuition and fees: $12,462 Out-of-state tuition and fees: $35,341 Room and board: $15,308 $4,356 $10,304 Books and supplies: $1,314 Estimated personal expenses: $1,344 $1,868 $1,484 Transportation expense: $618 $1,960 $1,038

14 Berkeley is known for… UC Berkeley is at or near the top in recent rankings of universities in the U.S. and the world. The Berkeley English Ph.D. program has been ranked the top graduate English program in the country. Other highly ranked graduate programs:  Haas School of Business Graduate School of Education College of Engineering School of Law School of Social Welfare School of Public Health Goldman School of Public Policy

15 Contact Information Main Address 110 Sproul Hall Berkeley, CA (510) The End Questions?

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