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Chapter 3 Female Sexual Anatomy and Physiology

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1 Chapter 3 Female Sexual Anatomy and Physiology

2 External Sex Organs Vulva/Pudendum – entire female region of external sex organs Mons Veneris Protective, fatty cushion over the pubic bone Covered with pubic hair Labia Majora Outer lips; Tissue folds from mons to perineum surrounding the rest of the female genitals Engorge with blood if excited

3 All shapes, colors, and sizes!
Some caveats on anatomical drawings…

4 The external genital structures of the mature female.

5 External Sex Organs Labia Minora Clitoris
Inner lips; pink tissue folds between vestibule and labia majora No hair; many oil glands; Darken if sexually aroused Clitoris Small cylindrical erectile tissue beneath the prepuce Rich in blood supply and nerve endings; Solely to provide sexual pleasure, primarily via indirect stimulation


7 The Underlying Structures of the Vulva
Pubic bone Clitoral hood Glans of clitoris Crura of clitoris Glans of clitoris Urethral opening Caption: The underlying structures of the vulva. Vestibular bulbs Lower pubic bone Bartholins gland Vaginal opening

8 External Sex Organs VESTIBULE Region between the labia minora Urethral and vaginal openings, Bartholin’s glands ducts

9 Between clitoris and vagina
External Sex Organs URETHRAL MEATUS Between clitoris and vagina

10 Between anus and vagina
External Sex Organs PERINEUM Between anus and vagina

11 VAGINA Internal Sex Organs
4 inch, thin-walled from the introitus to the cervix, tilted back; Organ of intercourse and canal for menses and babies

12 VAGINA Internal Sex Organs
Lubricant secreted from vaginal wall openings when engorged; First 1/3 contains many nerve endings, Inner 2/3 has little nerves

13 Internal Sex Organs VAGINAL LUBRICATION Lubrication changes vaginal pH (↑alkaline) and increases pleasure Vasocongestion – Engorgement of blood vessels

14 INTERNAL SEX ORGANS Grafenberg Spot (G-spot) –spot in the lower third of anterior vaginal wall (2-3 inches up), just past the pubic bone Sensitive area Analogous to the prostate gland

15 Cervix – Internal Sex Organs At bottom of the uterus; Doughnut-shaped
Secretes mucus to help or impede sperm, depending on the monthly cycle


17 Internal Sex Organs UTERUS – 1-inch thick walls
Between the bladder and rectum Protects fetus Contractions to expel menses and fetus 3 inches long, 2 inches wide

18 Internal Sex Organs FALLOPIAN TUBES OVARIES – form of an almond shell; contain 250,000 ova each; produce estrogen!

19 Other Sex Organs Any area can be arousing depending on: the type of stimulation and the perceptions of the recipient

20 OTHER SEX ORGANS BREASTS– modified sweat glands that produce milk; fatty tissue, NIPPLE, AREOLA Sucking stimulates pituitary gland to release prolactin (begin milk synthesis) and oxytocin (release of milk)

21 The Female Maturation Cycle
Female Puberty Menstruation Menopause

22 Female Puberty Begins anywhere from 8 to 17 years of age
Earlier onset of menstruation may be due to being overweight; can vary by population

23 Female Puberty Puberty lasts about 3 to 5 years
Begins when pituitary gland initiates release of FSH and LH, which increases the ovaries production of estrogen Increased size of Fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina, breasts, buttocks, thighs

24 Female Puberty Pelvis widens Pubic hair grows During puberty (usually 11 or 12 years), ovulation commences Menarche occurs during this time as well

25 Changes During the Menstrual Cycle

26 The cycle of female hormones.

27 Menopause A woman’s final menstrual period
Climacteric – period of decreased estrogen production and menstruation stops; years, average 51 years Typically have irregular cycles, rather than a sudden stop Sexual glands decrease in size Secondary sex characteristics change

28 Menopause Hormonal changes – hot flashes, headaches, sleep disturbances Sexual complaints Menopause can be induced by surgically removing the ovaries; doctors try to keep at least one in if surgery is necessary

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