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Female Reproduction Sex organs Sex characteristics

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1 Female Reproduction Sex organs Sex characteristics
Puberty and Menopause Sexual cycle Sex response Pregnancy Lactation

2 Sex Organs Ovary: female gonads produces eggs and sex hormones
Follicle: fluid filled sac where egg develops Ovulation: is the bursting of the follicle Fallopian tube: is a canal 10cm from the ovary to the uterus

3 Sex Organs Uterus: muscular chamber that opens to vagina it often tilts forward over bladder, zygote implants and develops, three parts fundus, body, cervix Uterine wall: is made of three layers Perimetrium: thin outer covering Myometrium: middle muscular layer Endometrium: layer that is shed

4 Sex Organs Vagina: Birth canal 8-10cm long allows for discharge of menstrual fluid, receiver of penis and semen, is lubricated by glands in its wall Hymen located at lower end has one or more openings to allow menstral fluid to exit usually needs to be broken for intercourse Vaginal Rugae: act as friction ridges to aid in penis ejaculation

5 Sex Organs Vulva: Includes the mons , labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, vaginal orifice, and accessory glands

6 Sex Characteristics Breasts: sits on top of pectoralis major, mostly fat with some lacation glands and suspensory ligaments Body: is the Conical mound Areola: darkened area around nipple can act as target for baby and contains nerve fibers that promote milk lacation Nipple: has openings to milk ducts

7 Puberty & Menopause Puberty: in US and Europe starts around 9-10 years. The pituitary triggers FSH and LH that causes ovaries to produce estrogens that cause secondary changes Menopause: the loss of menstruation caused by few # of follicles. Hormone shifting causes blood vessels to dilate and the sense of heat is transferred to face and neck

8 Sexual Cycle Lasts avg of 28 days 1-5 menses
6-13 preovulatory phase growth and development of follicle 14 ovulation 15-26 luteal phase formation of corpus luteum uterine wall thickest for implantation 27-28 beginning of sloughing of necrotic tissue

9 Sexual Response Excitement: marked by myotonia, vasocongestion, increase HR, BP, RR Vasocongestion: swelling of the labia majora causing reddening in color. The labia then flatten and move laterally to expose vaginal opening, labia minora extends past labia majora, clitoris grows 2-3 times normal size then tucks under prepuce

10 Sexual Response Plateau:
Thrusting of the penis pulls on the labia minora, the minora pulls on prepuce and the prepuce stimulates to clitoris The vaginal wall becomes purple due to hyperemia and secretions seep from wall for lubrication The inner end of the vagina dilates and becomes cavernous

11 Sexual Response The lower 3rd of the vagina constricts to form the orgasmic platform to enhance stimulation and orgasm for both The uterus becomes erect, almost vertical, called the tenting effect Breasts become swollen with nipples becoming erect, stimulation can enhance sexual response

12 Sexual Response Orgasm:
Pre-Orgasm can be describe as a short period of involuntary pelvic thrusts followed by 1-2 sec of stillness Orgasm is an intense sensation starting with the clitoris and spreading through the pelvic region

13 Sexual Response The platform gives 3-5 strong contractions while the cervix plunges repeatedly into the vagina and pool of semen The uterus also goes though a series of contractions (possibly to help sperm travel to fallopian tubes) Breasts swell even more and a rash like flush appears on the stomach, chest, neck and face

14 Sexual Response Resolution:
Uterus tilts over bladder into resting place, platform quickly relaxes, the vaginal end slowly returns to normal, flush and breast firmness go away Women have no refractory period so orgasms can quickly be experienced again

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