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Wireless IO Networking with ADAM-2000 Series Sales webinar

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1 Wireless IO Networking with ADAM-2000 Series Sales webinar
Paul Diepstraten Product Sales Manager March, 7th 2013

2 ADAM (Advantech Data Acquisition Modules) since 1992
Design Recyclable, Sky Blue Color Technology I/O Core Function, Communication Installation Multiple Methods of Mounting Quality Strict Production & Quality Test ADAM-5000 ADAM-4100 ADAM-2000 1992 1997 2002 2006 2010 2012 ADAM-4000 ADAM-6000 ADAM-6100 ADAM-6600

3 A Small Device for Big Applications

4 ADAM Topologies – Toward Distributed…
APAX ADAM 55x0 APAX, ADAM-4K, ADAM6K, 6100, 2000 Central Decentralized And remote IO Entering the Distributed control networks IEC 61499 also Fieldbus

5 Various ADAM series with Value Added Features
Modbus/RTU Support Wide Temperature Range High Noise Immunity ADAM-4000/4100 Series Peer-to-peer GCL (Graphic Condition Logic) Modbus/TCP Support ADAM-6000 Series Fieldbus support : Profinet & Ethernet/IP Daisy-chain Connection ADAM-6100 Series IEEE (Wireless) Modbus/RTU Support Battery Powered ADAM-2000 Series IEC Distributed Controller Daisy-chain Connection Free Programing Tool IDC Builder Modbus TCP (Client / Server) support ADAM-6600 Series IEC 61499

6 Broad Product Offering
Remote IO ADAM series Product Overview ADAM-2000 Wireless I/O Broad Product Offering ADAM- 2520Z ADAM- 2510Z ADAM- 2017Z ADAM- 2018Z ADAM- 2051Z ADAM- 2051PZ ADAM- 2060Z ADAM- 2031Z ADAM-4000/4100 RS-485 ADAM- 4520I ADAM- 4510I ADAM- 4117 ADAM- 4118 ADAM- 4150 ADAM- 4055 ADAM- 4168 ADAM- 4069 ADAM-6000 Ethernet I/O ADAM- 4570 ADAM- 4571 ADAM- 6015 ADAM- 6024 ADAM- 6051 ADAM- 6052 ADAM- 6060 ADAM- 6066 ADAM-6100 EtherNet/IP and PROFINET I/O ADAM- 6117EI ADAM- 6118EI ADAM- 6151EI ADAM- 6156EI ADAM- 6160EI Converter AI/O DI/O Relay Sensor

7 ADAM – Multiple Mounting Methods
Three mounting ways: - Wall Mounting - DIN-rail Monuting - Piggybacking

8 ADAM-4100 Robust RS-485 I/O Modules Operation Temperature
Robust Design Broader Operating Temperature Range Broader Power Input Range Higher Noise Immunity Module With LED Display ADAM-4000 series ADAM-4100 Series Operation Temperature -10~70 ℃ -40~85 ℃ Storage Temperature -25~85 ℃ Power Input 10~30V 10~48V Benefit Working under harsh environments!

9 ADAM-6000 Ethernet based remote I/O Modules
UNIQUE SELLING POINT: With built-in Intelligence – P2P & GCL(Graphic Condition Logic) ADAM module standalone running 16 logic rules can be defined in each Module Benefit No controller required! Easy programming!

10 ADAM-6000 – Peer-to-peer No Controller and No Programming Required
Benefit from Peer-to-peer No Controller and No Programming Required Advanced Security and Reliability (3. & 4. at next page) Controller can be removed since data will automatically transfer to the output module Without Peer to Peer With Peer to Peer

11 ADAM-6000 – Peer-to-peer Simple and Flexible System Wiring
Benefit from Peer-to-peer Simple and Flexible System Wiring Flexible Channel Mapping (Basic and Advanced Mode)

12 ADAM-6000 – GCL(Graphic Condition Logic)
Benefit from GCL 16 logic rules can be defined in each Ethernet I/O Modules execute the logic automatically just like standalone controllers (3. & 4. at next page) Remove Controller After Configuration (ADAM.NET Utility) Without GCL Computer controls ADAM-6000 With GCL ADAM-6000 can run Standalone

13 ADAM-6000 – GCL(Graphic Condition Logic)
Benefit from GCL Support Both Local and Remote Output Cascade Logic and Distributed Cascade Logic

14 Remote IO Architecture with Fieldbus I/O
Advantech Fieldbus Remote I/O Solutions ADAM-6100EI ADAM-6100PN ADAM-6100 APAX-5072 APAX-5071 Key selling points : - Cost Effective - Compact - High density - Hot Swap - Easy settings APAX-507x Couplers

15 ADAM-6100 EI/PN Real-time Ethernet I/O Modules
Easy I/O Patch for Real-time Ethernet System Build in Ethernet switch in each module Fully compatible with PROFINET & EtherNet/IP Protocol (Auto-generate EDS/GSD files in the utility) WebOP Benefit Improve scalability of I/O! Saving Wiring Cost!

16 ADAM-6100 – Daisy-chain Connection
Each ADAM-6100 module has built-in Ethernet switches to allow Daisy-chain connection Helping improve scalability of I/O Saving wiring cost WebOP

17 ADAM-6100 – Ethernet-based Configuration Tool
ADAM.NET Utility comes bundled with each ADAM-6100 module Helping set, configure and test ADAM-6100 modules Making the modules ready for PLC systems before running

18 ADAM-6100 – Easily Link to EtherNet/IP System
Using ADAM.NET Utility to configure & test ADAM-6100 Generate a L5K file for ADAM-6100 form ADAM.NET Utility Use AB software RSLogix to import the L5K file Create a project and execute it Tutorial: ADAM-6100_PLC.wmv Test ADAM-6100 Create L5K File Import L5K File Run the Project ADAM-6100 L5K File ADAM.NET Utility AB PLC RSLogix

19 Advantech WSN Modules – Another Piece of the IoT Mosaic
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) - Seamless Connectivity Coordinator: Modbus RTU Gateway Router: Topology Extension End devices: WSN nodes; Sensors and I/O Compliments ADAM-4000/6000, as well as ADAM-5000 and APAX - 19 -

20 ADAM-2000 – Wireless for IoT
Environmental Monitoring Green Energy Building Automation Factory Automation Water Treatment EKI series UNO Series Gateway IoT Devices ADAM-6000 Modbus/TCP I/O ADAM-4000 Modbus/RTU I/O ADAM-2xxxZ Wireless I/O (IEEE )

21 The first puzzle of IoT product of Advantech…Wireless I/O Modules
Seamless Connectivity through Wireless and Wired Networking Coordinator: Modbus/RTU Gateway Router End devices: I/O and sensor nodes Compliant with ADAM-4000/6000

22 Technologies Integration
Wireless Networks Technology – IEEE + Sensors Technology

23 Wireless Standard Comparison
3G/3.5G 2G 4G WWAN WiMAX 802.16 WMAN WiFi 802.11 WLAN Bluetooth WPAN = Zigbee, 6lowPAN, Wireless HART Low-data rate High-data rate

24 Why IEEE 802.15.4? Wireless Standard IEEE 802.15.4 (Zigbee)
(Bluetooth) IEEE (WiFi) System Resources (Protocol Stack) < 32 KB > 250 KB > 1 MB Packet Size Smallest Small Large Data Rate 250 Kbps 1 Mbps > 11Mbps Low Duty Cycle Yes - Power Consumption Ultra-low Low High Battery Life (Days) > 30 to years < 7 Mesh Topology Network Capacity 65535 Nodes 7 Nodes 30 Nodes Range > 1 Km < 20 m - 24 -

25 ZigBee Compliant Platform (ZCP)
What is ZigBee anyway? Application Layer (ZigBee Profile) ZigBee Network Layer IEEE MAC Layer ZigBee Compliant Platform (ZCP) ZigBee Certification IEEE PHY Layer

26 (Proprietary Application)
ADAM-2000 Architecture Application Layer (Proprietary Application) ZigBee Network Layer IEEE MAC Layer ZigBee Compliant Platform (ZCP) ZigBee Certification IEEE PHY Layer

27 Growing WSN Market in Automation
No 3. No 1. No 2. Wireless Sensor Networks market size by Frost and Sullivan report 2011. - 27 -

28 Wireless in Automation??
Wireless Benefits: Flexibility, Cabling, Cost Reduction, Extending Connectivity Wireless Challenges & Concerns: Performance & Reliability Data loss - Instant Event Response Maintenance Installation Difficulty - Battery Change Availability of I/O - Wire & wireless system integration - 28 -

29 Wireless in Automation is a growing market
New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, "Analysis of Wireless Devices in Europe," finds that the market earned revenues of $218.0 million in 2011 and estimates this to reach $539.5 million in 2016. “Wireless devices reduce maintenance costs, boost productivity and improve quality of production,” notes Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Anna Mazurek. “At the same time, initial implementation does not require vast restructuring or expensive machinery replacement. This combination of plant optimisation, quick return on investment and easy installation is highlighting the benefits of industrial wireless automation.” Industrial wireless devices optimize the working of plant equipment through better asset allocation and monitoring machine health. They support plant staff with constant data access and easy communication. Constant and instant access to real-time data also supports enhanced operational flexibility and mobility.

30 Ubiquitous ADAM

31 Complete Solutions with M2M Wireless I/O Modules
Ubiquitous - Everywhere - Multiple Network Topologies - Sensor Embedded - Battery Powered - Implying; redundant, collaborative, adaptive, autonomous - 31 -

32 Choosing the Right Topology
Star Tree Mesh Endpoint Gateway Router Topology Star Tree Mesh Power Use Low Medium High $ Install Coverage Small Large Capability Reliability - 32 -

33 ADAM-2000 Wireless I/O Product Offering
Gateway/ Coordinator Router End Devices ADAM-2051Z 8-ch Digital Input Device ADAM-2017Z 6-ch Analog Input Device ADAM-2520Z Modbus RTU Gateway ADAM-2510Z Router Node ADAM-2031Z Temp and Humidity Sensors Device ADAM-2051PZ 8-ch Digital Input Device ADAM-2018Z 6-ch Thermocouple Device - 33 -

34 How does ADAM-2000 IEEE 802.15.4 work?
Router 2510Z 1,000 m 2051PZ 1,000 m Gateway 2520Z HMI / SCADA WebOP Web designer Mesh Serial RS-485 Multi-drop Modbus RTU Automation Controllers 2031Z 110 m Remote I/O - 34 -

35 Key Feature – SCADA Software Support (WebAccess and others)
Modbus RTU Protocol Support Can Be Integrated into ADAM-4k/6k Systems ADAM-6000 Modbus TCP IP Modbus RTU ADAM-2000 ADAM-4000 - 35 -

36 Key Feature – Ensured Data Integrity
“Acking” mechanism added during the transmission End device will try 5 times before entering sleep mode If data didn’t pass through, end device will try next time it is awake Data Update Data Update Ack Signal Ack Signal End Device Router Coordinator - 36 -

37 Key Feature – DI Triggering
DI status change will never be missed, even it’s in sleep mode Z Sleep Mode Active Mode Data Update Data Update DI #=High DI# =Low End Device Router Coordinator - 37 -

38 Key Feature – Site Survey Tool
Insert Background Picture Drag Modules to the Preferred Position Active Update: Communication, Battery, Data - 38 -

39 Key Feature – Over The Air (OTA) Firmware Update
Update firmware during operation Backup buffer in the module for downloaded firmware ADAM-2000Z D A M TM Ext Power Error Status New Firmware New Firmware AA Running Firmware Firmware Backup Buffer +Vs GND - 39 -

40 Key Feature – Battery Powered
2 x AA Alkaline One-screw for easy maintenance Sleep mode communication Low power design Battery Life: > 1yr (1-min. sample interval 2xAA Akaline 2,000mVh Battery) For end devices ADAM-2000Z D A M TM Ext Power Error Status AA Initial Normal +Vs GND - 40 -

41 Product Specifications
ADAM-2520Z ADAM-2010Z ADAM-2031Z ADAM-2017Z ADAM-2051Z ADAM-2051PZ Wireless Spec. Standard: IEEE Frequency Band: ISM 2.4 GHz (ch: ) Topology: Star / Tree / Mesh RF Data Rate: 250 kbps Function Coordinator Router End Device Outdoor Range 1000 m 110 m 110m Comm. Protocol Modbus RTU - General I/O 6 AI 8 DI Sensor Input Temp. & Humidity Power Require. Ext. Power USB Battery* *Note: For end devices, battery life is more than 1 year with 1-min. sample interval. - 41 -

42 Advantech Automation Software Kit
Advantech WebAccess - Browser-based data monitoring tool - Auto-4D: Discover, Deliver, Deposit and Display ADAM.NET Utility - Easy-to-use utility for system config. & testing - Powerful settings include channel range, calibration, IP address, security - peer-to-peer and GCL OPC Server (OLE for process ctrl) - Support Advantech ASCII, Modbus/RTU and Modbus/TCP protocol - Standard Interface for Industrial device server

43 WebAccess Express Software - for ADAM-2k/4k/6k
iPhone & Andriod APP A graphical utility tool 1 remote web client Free for 75 Advantech I/O points Auto-discover and deliver Technology Auto-display by Internet and Smart Phone Auto-deposit

44 Free WebOP Designer Software for WebOP with Modbus TCP/RTU or Ethernet/IP Drivers
Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 Based Friendly Development Interface & Tools Multiple-Language support – English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese. (Available) Polish, Thai, Spanish, Persian, Italian, Japanese, German. (Coming soon) Graphical Tree-structure workspace interface Simple Easy Free

45 Target Customer Wireless, Easily and cost effective Expand Your
Automation System Integrator ADAM-4000/6000 User SCADA System Designer Wired solution is hard to install Wired solution are not always cost effective Wireless, Easily and cost effective Expand Your I/O Networks Need small point I/O patch for existing system A wide-coverage distributed system - 45 -

46 Wireless solutions for Seamless Integration in IOT
Application Layer Manage iEnvironment iFactory iBuilding iSafety ITS iPowerGrid iHome Service Layer Scheduler SCADA GIS Data Analysis Connect Network Layer NGN Sensor Layer Data Concentrator Device

47 Application Scenario – Green House
Capable in no-Internet environment Integrate both wired and wireless solutions ADAM-2031Z ADAM-2017Z ADAM-2520Z Modbus RTU Gateway ADAM-4068 - 47 -

48 Application Scenario – free parking spot detection system
Internet / Cloud R R C P1 occupied N P2 available N P3 occupied N P4 occupied N P5 occupied N P6 available N R P7 occupied N P8 occupied N P9 available N P10 occupied N P11 occupied N P12 occupied N Multiple Network Constructions - 48 -

49 Application Scenario: Energy efficient Monitoring

50 Application Scenario – Cold Chain
Flexible installation for different trucks Internet Customer/Manager TPC-1780H 3G/GPRS 3G/GPRS TREK-753 TREK-753 USB USB ADAM-2031Z ADAM-2031Z Temp. and Humd. Sensor Node Temp. and Humd. Sensor Node ADAM-2520Z Modbus RTU Gateway ADAM-2520Z Modbus RTU Gateway - 50 -

51 Price and Availability
Part Number Description List Price in Euro ADAM-2000 Series ADAM-2031Z-AE Temperature and Humidity Sensor Node 196 ADAM-2051PZ-AE 8-ch Digital Input Node with extended range 193 ADAM-2051Z-AE 8-ch Digital Input Node 162 ADAM-2510Z-AE Router Node 200 ADAM-2520Z-AE Modbus RTU Gateway 216 With excellent Margins for system Integrators and VARs - 51 -

52 Wireless Sensor Network - Players in the Field
ZB-2xxx Series WSN-32 Series There are plenty of players in the field, but there is no leading company at present. The players are focusing on specified VM with proprietary solution and the solution is not complete

53 Competition Analysis Our strengths : Reliable data transmission
OTA Firmware update Battery powered for safe operation high quality I/O range Cost effective product port folio Full range of additional industrial communication products, IO solutions for domain specific requirements, , HMI, Embeddedcontrollers and Software offerings A strong and solid Partner Network for System Integration, Field and engineering support.

54 ADAM remote IO brochures and manuals

55 Summary Advantech Comprehensive I/O Solutions
Software Package & Service Complete software suite for programming & configuration Specialized forum and dedicated website for product selection & countless trainings Plug-in I/O Remote I/O Plug-in I/O Remote I/O Serial ADAM Ethernet ADAM Enable the remote and smart automation control, even in harsh environments. DAQ (AI/O, DI/O, timer, counter) ISA/PCI/PCIe/USB GPIB instrumentation with different bus type Software & Service Remote I/O Production Testing Machine Automation Factory Automation Data Monitoring

56 Questions Q & A sesion - 56 -

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