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Trade Adjustment Assistance The Trade Act of 1974, as amended

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1 Trade Adjustment Assistance The Trade Act of 1974, as amended
(TAA) The Trade Act of 1974, as amended Includes provisions of the Trade and Globalization Adjustment Assistance Act of 2009 – for petition numbers greater than 70,000 Connecticut Department of Labor

2 What Is TAA and How Will It Help Me?
Connecticut Department of Labor

3 What Is TAA? TAA provides reemployment benefits and income support to workers certified by the U.S. Department of Labor because they have been hurt by foreign trade. You may apply for TAA if you are part of a worker group certified and, during the certification period, you experience a total or partial layoff or become individually threatened with total or partial layoff Connecticut Department of Labor

4 Help from TAA: Benefits and Reemployment Services
Income Support-Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA) Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) Training Job Search Allowance Relocation Allowance Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance (RTAA) Each benefit has specific eligibility requirements. Pay attention to important deadlines and apply in a timely way to make the most of your benefits. Connecticut Department of Labor

5 What Is the Goal of TAA? To help you return to suitable employment
as quickly as possible. Connecticut Department of Labor

6 Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA)
Weekly income support while you are totally or partially unemployed TRA is in addition to your unemployment insurance (UI) but not payable for the same weeks of unemployment. You may not be able to qualify for TRA if you were employed less than 26 weeks during the 52-week period ending with your separation. Connecticut Department of Labor

7 TRA Benefit Limits BASIC TRA - 26 weeks
ADDITIONAL TRA - Up to 78 weeks while participating in training REMEDIAL TRA - Up to 26 weeks while participating in training, if remedial or prerequisite training is part of your re-training plan. Including your 26 weeks of unemployment insurance, TAA helps provide you with up to 156 weeks of income support. Connecticut Department of Labor

8 TRA Has a Training Enrollment Deadline
If otherwise eligible for TRA, you have a training enrollment deadline. The deadline is specified in the TRA determination you received. You may not receive TRA for weeks of unemployment after your training enrollment deadline unless, prior to the deadline, you enroll in TAA-approved training or receive a waiver of the training requirement. Additional details, including limited exceptions to this deadline, are provided at the conclusion of this presentation. Connecticut Department of Labor

9 Training Enrollment/ Training Waiver
“Enrolled in training” means you have been accepted into a training program that has been approved by the TAA program and begins within 30 days. A training waiver may be issued, after an assessment of your employment and training needs, if training is not suitable and appropriate. Training may still be possible at a later date even if a waiver is issued. Connecticut Department of Labor

10 Basic TRA may be payable While you attend TAA-approved training
After you complete TAA-approved training While you are covered under a training waiver and comply with waiver follow-up requirements. Additional TRA, including extra weeks of TRA based on any necessary remedial education or prerequisite courses, may only be paid while you participate in training. Connecticut Department of Labor

11 Weekly Claims for TRA Claims for TRA payments are filed by mail, not by telephone or Internet, so payment delivery may take longer than regular unemployment insurance. Each weekly TRA claim must be accompanied by an additional document: A training attendance form or… If you have a waiver of training or have completed training, details about your job-seeking efforts. Connecticut Department of Labor

12 TRA Job Search Requirements Are More Strict than UI
Generally, a minimum of three employer contacts per week, with efforts made on at least two days of each week. Unless your job prospects are good, you are required to accept any offer of work which is within your capabilities. You must consider other types of work, including work below your highest skill level and work which pays lower wages. Connecticut Department of Labor

13 Work You May Refuse Work that pays less than the State minimum wage or less than your TRA gross weekly benefit amount. Work that pays substantially less than average for the occupation. A job offer not made in writing or listed with the Labor Department. Connecticut Department of Labor

14 Your Record of Job-Seeking Efforts Must Include:
Type of work sought Person contacted (name or title if available) Result (not hired, not qualified, pending, etc.) Date of the employer contact Company name and address Method of contact Connecticut Department of Labor

15 Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC)
A federal tax credit that pays 72.5% of your monthly health plan premium if you are an eligible individual enrolled in a qualified health plan. The remaining 27.5% of the premium is paid by you. Family members may also qualify if claimed as dependents on your federal tax return. Connecticut Department of Labor

16 HCTC Qualified Health Plans
Federal/State COBRA Continuation Coverage - if you are paying more than 50% of the cost of coverage. Contact your current health plan or former employer for information Health Reinsurance Association of Connecticut - contact phone number: (800) Spousal Coverage - if your spouse pays more than 50% of the cost with after-tax dollars Individual Policy - if the policy began at least 30 days prior to separation from the employer. Connecticut Department of Labor

17 How Does HCTC Work? Eligible individuals with qualifying health insurance can: Apply to take the tax credit at the end of the year when filing a federal income tax return (even if they do not owe any taxes); or Enroll to receive the HCTC monthly as their premiums become due. Certain general requirements need to be met: Ineligible for Medicare or coverage through the U.S. military health system (CHAMPUS/ TRICARE) Not claimed as a dependent on another person’s federal tax return or imprisoned Connecticut Department of Labor

18 Who May Be Eligible for HCTC?
Individuals receiving Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA), including certain individuals whose TRA is interrupted due to a break in training. Individuals who would be eligible to receive TRA but have not yet exhausted their unemployment insurance and meet eligibility deadlines for enrollment in TAA approved training or receive a waiver from training. Individuals receiving Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance (RTAA) or Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance (ATAA) benefits. Individuals receiving a Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) benefit payment who are 55 years or older. Connecticut Department of Labor

19 HCTC Questions? Visit the Internal Revenue Service Website
(Keyword/search: HCTC) Or call the HCTC Customer Contact Center HCTC (4282) TTY: Connecticut Department of Labor

20 Obsolete skills may mean it’s time
TAA Training Obsolete skills may mean it’s time for a new career. Connecticut Department of Labor

21 TAA training must lead to an occupation in demand.
The Connecticut Department of Labor will approve your request for training if the proposed training satisfies all TAA requirements. While attending TAA-approved training, you do not have to seek or accept work. Connecticut Department of Labor

22 Types of TAA Training Occupational skills or vocational training
includes college-level degree or certificate programs and necessary prerequisite courses; includes apprenticeable trades Remedial education includes Adult Basic Education, General Educational Development, English as a Second Language Employer-based training on-the-job training (OJT) or training customized to the needs of a specific employer or group of employers for customized training, an employer must contribute at least 50% of the training cost and promise to employ you when training ends Connecticut Department of Labor

23 TAA Training Requirements
No suitable employment is available to you. The training is reasonably available from either governmental or private sources. There is reasonable expectation of employment once you complete the training. You have the background, education, skills or experience needed to succeed in the training. You have the physical, mental, and financial capabilities needed to complete the training. The training is suitable for you and available at reasonable cost. Connecticut Department of Labor

24 Training Participation
Training should be of the shortest duration necessary to enable your return to work. - a maximum of 156 weeks in training is allowed - part-time training may be approved but your training must be full time in order to receive TRA Connecticut Department of Labor

25 Meet with your TAA representative early for planning!
Training Limitation Your training plan may include multiple components and training types, but you are entitled to only one training program and occupational goal under a single Trade Act certification. Before you apply for and begin training, extensively consider the suitability and appropriateness of both your requested training program and anticipated occupational goal. Meet with your TAA representative early for planning! Connecticut Department of Labor

26 Job Search Allowance 100% of allowable costs while seeking work outside your commuting area, up to $1,500. Reimbursable costs include expenses for travel, lodging and meals. Reimbursement is subject to the limitations of the prevailing per diem rate authorized under federal travel regulations for the locality where the job search is conducted. Connecticut Department of Labor

27 Job Search Allowance You must be found to lack suitable work opportunities within your commuting area, defined as within 40 miles from your home. Applications must be approved before you begin the job search. You must be totally separated from adversely affected employment before beginning your job search. Job search allowance is for prearranged job interviews that offer you a reasonable expectation of employment. Connecticut Department of Labor

28 You must apply for a Job Search Allowance before the later of:
365 days after either your applicable Trade Act certification date or your last total separation, or 182 days after completing TAA-approved training Connecticut Department of Labor

29 Relocation Allowance 100% of allowable costs for moving yourself, family and households goods, if necessary to accept employment outside your commuting area. Includes: A travel allowance for the expense of transportation, lodging and meals during relocation; A moving allowance for reasonable and necessary moving expenses; and A lump sum payment equal to three times your average weekly wage, up to $1,500. Connecticut Department of Labor

30 Relocation Allowance You must be found to lack suitable work opportunities within your commuting area. Travel and moving allowances are subject to limitations imposed by federal travel regulations, including the prevailing per diem rate authorized for the locality to which relocation is made and the maximum pounds of authorized net weight permitted for the move. You must receive a bona fide offer of work within the United States that necessitates relocation outside your commuting area and provides a reasonable expectation of long-term employment. Connecticut Department of Labor

31 Relocation Allowance An application must be filed before your relocation begins. A relocation allowance may be granted only once under a certification. You must be totally separated from adversely affected employment before relocation begins. You must begin your relocation within 182 days of filing your application for relocation allowance or completing TAA-approved training. Connecticut Department of Labor

32 You must apply for a Relocation Allowance before the later of:
425 days after either your applicable Trade Act certification or your last total separation, or 182 days after completing TAA-approved training Connecticut Department of Labor

33 Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance (RTAA)
A wage subsidy for individuals 50 years of age and older who obtain lower-paying work. RTAA helps bridge the salary gap between the old and new employment. Connecticut Department of Labor

34 RTAA Eligibility Requirements
You must be reemployed either: full-time (at least 35 hours per week, working for one or more employers) OR part time, if working at least 20 hours per week while participating full time in TAA-approved training. The work cannot pay more than $55,000 per year (excluding overtime) or be with the same firm (or subdivision, if applicable) specified by the Trade Act certification providing your eligibility. Connecticut Department of Labor

35 RTAA Wage Subsidy and Eligibility Period
RTAA pays 50% of the difference between: Your new wages from reemployment, and Your old wages at the time of separation (the subsidy is pro-rated if you work part time while training). RTAA payments may not exceed $12,000 during a two-year eligibility period. If you receive any TRA, your RTAA eligibility period will be reduced by the number of TRA weeks received. Once you receive RTAA, you may not resume filing for unclaimed TRA. Your eligibility period begins when you exhaust UI, or begin your new job – whichever is sooner. Connecticut Department of Labor

36 Other Reemployment Services
Make effective use of the employment and case management services available to help with your reemployment: A comprehensive, specialized assessment of your skill level and employment and training needs Individual career counseling Development of an individual employment plan Short-term prevocational services (interviewing and résumé workshops, for example) Information about available training and how to apply how to apply for financial aid labor market statistics, job vacancies supportive services Connecticut Department of Labor

37 Your Responsibilities
Review TAA information and materials carefully to help you make the best use of available benefits and allow for your application within the specified time frames. Keep a notebook of your efforts to find work to help us evaluate the effectiveness of your reemployment plan. Keep your TAA representative informed of any changes in your training program or employment status. Connecticut Department of Labor

38 TAA benefits are unique and are not available to most job seekers.
Use Yours Wisely! Connecticut Department of Labor

39 TRA Training Enrollment Deadline
Training enrollment (you have been accepted into a training program that has been approved by the TAA program and begins within 30 days) or waiver issuance must occur before the latest of: (1) the last day of the 26th week after your most recent total separation from adversely affected employment, (2) the last day of the 26th week after the date of the Trade Act certification providing your eligibility, or (3) 45 days after the date specified in (1) or (2) if extenuating circumstances justify an extension in the enrollment period, or (4) the Monday of the week occurring 60 days after you first receive notice about the training enrollment deadline and your eligibility to apply for TAA, if you failed to enroll by the date required by (1), (2), or (3) because you did not receive timely information about the training enrollment deadline and your eligibility to apply for TAA. Connecticut Department of Labor

40 TRA Training Enrollment Deadline (CONTINUED)
If your training waiver is terminated, you must be enrolled in training by the Monday of the week occurring 30 days after the week of waiver termination. If you miss your applicable deadline through no fault of your own you may still qualify for TRA… -By establishing good cause for late filing or justifiable cause due to unforeseen circumstances like a health emergency. -By restarting the process as a member of a reserve component following active-duty military or full-time National Guard service. Connecticut Department of Labor

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