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Getting Back to WORK After a Trade Related Layoff Trade Adjustment Assistance.

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1 Getting Back to WORK After a Trade Related Layoff Trade Adjustment Assistance

2 You are eligible to apply for Adjustment Assistance. Totally or partially separated from employment on or after August 30, 2010.

3 What benefits do I receive if I get Adjustment Assistance?

4 An Opportunity to Upgrade Your Skills Through: Training.

5 TRA Income Support while you are participating in You may be eligible for up to 2 ½ years of income support if attending training. (***Deadlines apply) Full Time Training.

6 A chance to upgrade your skills while working through On-the-Job Training.

7 Money to help you job search outside of $1,250 a commutable distance.

8 Money to help you relocate in order for you to Work. 90%

9 Tax credits to help offset the cost of your monthly health Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) 72.5% of monthly health insurance premium costs. insurance premium.

10 RTAA Workers 50 + years of age can receive a 50 % wage subsidy.

11 A wage subsidy helping to make up the difference in pay Up to $10,000 between your old job & new job.


13 A Strong Focus on Training get work quicker. stay longer. earn more.

14 Unsure? Start the Process Now

15 Have you received a letter from the New York State Department of Labor? Adversely Affected Incumbent Worker

16 If you have received a letter from NYSDOL you want to move fast.. Starting the Process Now Will Help You Receive 100% of Your TAA Benefits.

17 After Layoff

18 Submit Your Request for Determination of Entitlement Form Also known as Form #TA 720

19 Send Form #TA 720 To: NYS Department of Labor TRA Unit Mail (Address on the Form) Fax (518) 402-1086

20 Determination of Entitlement Form Youll Receive from NYSDOL

21 You must be enrolled in TAA approved training or granted a waiver from training before: xx-xx-xxxx

22 Meeting With Your Employment Counselor

23 Before Training Can be Approved Work with your Employment Counselor to research potential careers that are in demand in your area and determine which are a good fit.

24 Before Training Can be Approved Make sure you have the academic skills needed for successful completion of a specific training program.

25 If you think you might be interested in TAA training and benefits….

26 Training Enrollment Deadline The date you must be enrolled in TAA approved training.

27 Waivers Must Be Issued Prior to exhausting your BASIC TRA benefits OR before the training enrollment deadline date found on your TA722, whichever date is first.

28 You can lose income support If you arent enrolled in training or have an approved plan with a waiver.

29 TAA Approved Training Plans are Now A MUST Before No Training Plan Needed Now Must Have a Training Plan

30 Income Support While in Training Unemployment Insurance Basic TRA 26 Weeks 52 X WBA Additional TRA 65 Weeks Payable in 78 Weeks Completion TRA 13 Weeks Payable in 20 Weeks 130 Payable Weeks over a 150 Week Period Impac t Lay Off HCTC Until one month after last service benefit 2 ½ Years TRA Exhausted

31 Please Remember All Trade Act services require the development of a plan with an Employment Counselor and a submitted/approved request prior to program participation.

32 Area One-Stop Centers & Affiliates Other One Stop Locations CSS Workforce New York/Department of Labor Offices PA CareerLink Bradford County Towanda, PA Jeff Seeley 570-265-2171 ext. 23 PA CareerLink Tioga County, Wellsboro, PA Susette Caldwell 570-724-1939 ext. 231 Binghamton Career Center, Binghamton Liz Herko-Daniels 607-778-6481 Owego One Stop, 1062 St Rt 38 Owego, NY 607-687-8500 Elmira ~ 318 Madison Avenue(607) 733-7131 Corning ~ 20 Denison Parkway W (607) 937-8337 Hornell ~ 107 Broadway (607) 324-8388 Montour Falls ~ 323 Owego Street (607) 535-6840 Bath ~ 117 E Street (607) 776-7712

33 If you think you might want training… Please join us at our detailed training session.

34 Well Assist You Throughout the Process

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