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Food Support Refresher Minnesota Department of Human Services.

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1 Food Support Refresher Minnesota Department of Human Services

2 Topics n Verifications n ABAWDs n Categorical Eligibility (Set 1 & 2) n Domestic Violence Brochure Program

3 Verifications n Verification is the process and evidence used to establish accuracy or completeness of information from an applicant, recipient or a third party

4 Verification Objectives n Describe verification sources n Define inconsistent information n Identify mandatory verifications for all programs and Food Support n Explain verifications for expedited Food Support n Discuss Shelter and Utility verification requirements

5 Verification Sources n Written Documents or Records n Collateral Contacts n Home Visits

6 Mandatory Verifications for all Programs n Income n Self-employment expenses used as a deduction n Inconsistent information n Immigration status ONLY if the applicant reports non-citizen status

7 Mandatory Verifications for Food Support n Liquid assets n Social Security numbers of all persons applying for FS n Identity of the applicant (and the authorized representative if applying for the applicant) n Immigration status for non-citizens n Residency in the project area

8 Mandatory Verifications for Food Support (continued) n Disability exemption from work registration n Shelter cost other than Utilities n Actual expenses when actual are allowed as a deduction n Utilities expenses for an unoccupied home in order to allow the expenses as a deduction

9 Mandatory Verifications for Food Support (continued) n Some medical expenses in order to allow for deductions n Date and reason of employment termination and date last paid n The amount of court ordered child support paid to another household in order to allow for deduction n The number of hours of employment or work program activities for non-exempt ABAWDs subject to the 3 months in 36 months limit on eligibility

10 Mandatory Verification Activity To verify or not to verify?

11 Inconsistent Information n The information is necessary to determine eligibility or benefit amount n The information is inconsistent with other information the agency has (or with a client’s own statements) n The client cannot satisfactorily explain the inconsistency

12 Verifications Expedited Food Support n Verify the identity of the person completing the application n Require the applicant to register for work unless exempt or an AREP for the unit n Make reasonable efforts to obtain mandatory verifications within the expedited service time frame

13 Special Type of Verifications n Verifying Social Security Numbers (CM 0010.18.03.03) n Verifying Disability/Incapacity (CM 0010.18.06) n Verifying Self-Employment Expenses (CM 0010.18.09) n Verifying citizenship (CM 0010.18.11)

14 Shelter Expenses CM 0018.15

15 Utilities CM 0018.15.09 n Actual Utilities (CM 0018.15.12) n Standard Utilities (CM 0018.15.18)

16 Any Questions?

17 ABAWDS n Determining who is an ABAWD n Earning additional months n Second 3 month period

18 ABAWD Policy 1996 federal law limits Food Support Eligibility to 3 months in a 36 month period for adults who are: n Not responsible for the care of minor children n Between the ages of 18 and 50 n Not disabled n Not meeting monthly work requirements or other exemption CM 0011.24

19 Uncounting Months


21 Earning Additional Months ABAWDS may “earn” additional months of eligibility by participating 80 hours per month in: n Paid employment n Workforce Investment Act (WIA) services n Trade Adjustment Act (TAA) services n FSET activities Or less than 80 hours if: n Participating in Work Experience

22 Work Experience Example Single client receives $155 per month in monthly Food Support. Applicable minimum wage is $6.15 per hour. 155 / 6.15 = 25.20 Client must participate in Work Experience at least 25 hours per month To remain FS eligible.

23 Second 3 Month Period An ABAWD can qualify for an additional 3 month period of eligibility when:  Initial 3 month entitlement has been used, and  Subsequent employment of at least 80 hours in a month is verified, and  Job has been terminated or hours reduced to under 20 hours per week, and  Did not voluntarily quit job without good cause

24 Any Questions?

25 Set 1 - receipt of : n Child Care Assistance n Diversionary Work Program n GA, MSA, or SSI Set 2 – receipt of: n Domestic Violence Brochure (DHS-3477) CM 0013.06 CM 0022.12.01 Categorical Eligibility

26 n Child Care Assistance n Diversionary Work Program n GA, MSA, or SSI Set 1 Categorical Eligibility

27 Set 1 units are exempt from: n Asset Test n Gross Income Test n Net Income Test n Residency Requirements

28 Units in which at least 1 member of the unit is receiving, eligible to receive, or authorized to receive benefits from: n Transition Year Child Care n Basic Sliding Fee Child Care CM 0013.06 Set 1 Categorical Eligibility Child Care Assistance


30 Set 1 Categorical Eligibility Diversionary Work Program A unit in which at least one member is participating in DWP CM 0013.06

31 Set 1 Categorical Eligibility GA, MSA, or SSI n Units composed entirely of people who receive GA, MSA, or SSI in Minnesota, or n Have been approved for GA, MSA or SSI, but have not yet received payment, or n GA, MSA, or SSI payments have been suspended or are being recouped


33 Set 2 Categorical Eligibility Domestic Violence Brochure Program CM 0013.06


35 Set 2 Categorical Eligibility n A household has received the Domestic Violence Brochure (DVB) AND n The unit’s income is within current FS program gross income limits AND n The unit’s assets, not including vehicles, total less than $7,000

36 Set 2 Categorical Eligibility Once Categorical Eligibility is met, units are exempt from: Net Income Test Residency Requirements

37 Vehicles - Food Support n Definition - anything that a person travels in or on, or uses to transport something n No verification needed for Food Support n Not counted as an asset under Categorical Eligibility CM 0002.71

38 Set 2 Categorical Eligibility When to FIAT DVB received, Gross Income Test is passed, and either or both of these conditions are met: n Resource test is failed and total resources excluding vehicles are less than $7000 n Prospective/Retrospective Net Income test is failed TE02.05.100

39 Units Not Categorically Eligible n Any unit with a member disqualified due to Intentional Program Violation (IPV) n Any unit with a member disqualified due to drug related felony conviction CM 0013.06 TE02.05.48 TE02.05.100

40 Summary n Verifications n ABAWDs n Domestic Violence Brochure Program

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