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Food Support Refresher Minnesota Department of Human Services.

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1 Food Support Refresher Minnesota Department of Human Services

2 Topics n Verifications n ABAWDs n Categorical Eligibility (Set 1 & 2) n Domestic Violence Brochure Program

3 Verifications n Verification is the process and evidence used to establish accuracy or completeness of information from an applicant, recipient or a third party

4 Verification Objectives n Describe verification sources n Define inconsistent information n Identify mandatory verifications for all programs and Food Support n Explain verifications for expedited Food Support n Discuss Shelter and Utility verification requirements

5 Verification Sources n Written Documents or Records n Collateral Contacts n Home Visits

6 Mandatory Verifications for all Programs n Income n Self-employment expenses used as a deduction n Inconsistent information n Immigration status ONLY if the applicant reports non-citizen status

7 Mandatory Verifications for Food Support n Liquid assets n Social Security numbers of all persons applying for FS n Identity of the applicant (and the authorized representative if applying for the applicant) n Immigration status for non-citizens n Residency in the project area

8 Mandatory Verifications for Food Support (continued) n Disability exemption from work registration n Shelter cost other than Utilities n Actual expenses when actual are allowed as a deduction n Utilities expenses for an unoccupied home in order to allow the expenses as a deduction

9 Mandatory Verifications for Food Support (continued) n Some medical expenses in order to allow for deductions n Date and reason of employment termination and date last paid n The amount of court ordered child support paid to another household in order to allow for deduction n The number of hours of employment or work program activities for non-exempt ABAWDs subject to the 3 months in 36 months limit on eligibility

10 Mandatory Verification Activity To verify or not to verify?

11 Inconsistent Information n The information is necessary to determine eligibility or benefit amount n The information is inconsistent with other information the agency has (or with a client’s own statements) n The client cannot satisfactorily explain the inconsistency

12 Verifications Expedited Food Support n Verify the identity of the person completing the application n Require the applicant to register for work unless exempt or an AREP for the unit n Make reasonable efforts to obtain mandatory verifications within the expedited service time frame

13 Special Type of Verifications n Verifying Social Security Numbers (CM ) n Verifying Disability/Incapacity (CM ) n Verifying Self-Employment Expenses (CM ) n Verifying citizenship (CM )

14 Shelter Expenses CM

15 Utilities CM n Actual Utilities (CM ) n Standard Utilities (CM )

16 Any Questions?

17 ABAWDS n Determining who is an ABAWD n Earning additional months n Second 3 month period

18 ABAWD Policy 1996 federal law limits Food Support Eligibility to 3 months in a 36 month period for adults who are: n Not responsible for the care of minor children n Between the ages of 18 and 50 n Not disabled n Not meeting monthly work requirements or other exemption CM

19 Uncounting Months


21 Earning Additional Months ABAWDS may “earn” additional months of eligibility by participating 80 hours per month in: n Paid employment n Workforce Investment Act (WIA) services n Trade Adjustment Act (TAA) services n FSET activities Or less than 80 hours if: n Participating in Work Experience

22 Work Experience Example Single client receives $155 per month in monthly Food Support. Applicable minimum wage is $6.15 per hour. 155 / 6.15 = Client must participate in Work Experience at least 25 hours per month To remain FS eligible.

23 Second 3 Month Period An ABAWD can qualify for an additional 3 month period of eligibility when:  Initial 3 month entitlement has been used, and  Subsequent employment of at least 80 hours in a month is verified, and  Job has been terminated or hours reduced to under 20 hours per week, and  Did not voluntarily quit job without good cause

24 Any Questions?

25 Set 1 - receipt of : n Child Care Assistance n Diversionary Work Program n GA, MSA, or SSI Set 2 – receipt of: n Domestic Violence Brochure (DHS-3477) CM CM Categorical Eligibility

26 n Child Care Assistance n Diversionary Work Program n GA, MSA, or SSI Set 1 Categorical Eligibility

27 Set 1 units are exempt from: n Asset Test n Gross Income Test n Net Income Test n Residency Requirements

28 Units in which at least 1 member of the unit is receiving, eligible to receive, or authorized to receive benefits from: n Transition Year Child Care n Basic Sliding Fee Child Care CM Set 1 Categorical Eligibility Child Care Assistance


30 Set 1 Categorical Eligibility Diversionary Work Program A unit in which at least one member is participating in DWP CM

31 Set 1 Categorical Eligibility GA, MSA, or SSI n Units composed entirely of people who receive GA, MSA, or SSI in Minnesota, or n Have been approved for GA, MSA or SSI, but have not yet received payment, or n GA, MSA, or SSI payments have been suspended or are being recouped


33 Set 2 Categorical Eligibility Domestic Violence Brochure Program CM


35 Set 2 Categorical Eligibility n A household has received the Domestic Violence Brochure (DVB) AND n The unit’s income is within current FS program gross income limits AND n The unit’s assets, not including vehicles, total less than $7,000

36 Set 2 Categorical Eligibility Once Categorical Eligibility is met, units are exempt from: Net Income Test Residency Requirements

37 Vehicles - Food Support n Definition - anything that a person travels in or on, or uses to transport something n No verification needed for Food Support n Not counted as an asset under Categorical Eligibility CM

38 Set 2 Categorical Eligibility When to FIAT DVB received, Gross Income Test is passed, and either or both of these conditions are met: n Resource test is failed and total resources excluding vehicles are less than $7000 n Prospective/Retrospective Net Income test is failed TE

39 Units Not Categorically Eligible n Any unit with a member disqualified due to Intentional Program Violation (IPV) n Any unit with a member disqualified due to drug related felony conviction CM TE TE

40 Summary n Verifications n ABAWDs n Domestic Violence Brochure Program

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