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Welcome to William Bellamy Nursery ‘We learn, we grow together’

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1 Welcome to William Bellamy Nursery ‘We learn, we grow together’

2 Our Vision Child centred approach Strong positive relationships An enabling environment High quality teaching and learning

3 Our current Nursery Teachers

4 Our current Nursery Assistants

5 Our additional staff

6 Our Enabling Environment New purpose built nursery! Green and natural surroundings Large creative spaces Cosy ‘Key Group’ / acvitivity areas High quality environments and resources

7 Cosy corners

8 Creative spaces

9 Messy is good!

10 Smudge and Fish

11 Home in the garden

12 Action and adventure!

13 Natural spaces

14 Special Visitors

15 Our parents / carers

16 What would you like to see? Help us plan our outdoor developments Draw and write ideas on our planning board outside!

17 Organisation of classes Nursery - 156 children Rausva and Golapi classes - 39 children 8 Key Person groups – small number

18 Nursery Routine Session Times 5 x 3 hours am or pm Morning 8:30-11:20/11:30 TBC Afternoon 12:30-3:20/3:30 IMPORTANT REQUEST Drop off and collect your child on time Bring your child to school EVERY day Every day counts

19 EYFS 2012

20 EYFS - learning is fun!

21 Routine Welcome / Self registration Key group time Child initiated play / Adult guided learning Key group time Home time

22 To find out our school, our Early Years and our Nursery go to our website

23 Getting Ready - School Uniform

24 Getting Ready – All Weather Clothing

25 The Induction Process Place offer – March/April 2015 Registration meeting – April 2015 Home visit – May-Sept 2015 Letter informing of start date – July 2015 Start dates – September 2015 Children start of different dates / times in small groups. Tues and Thurs Session 1 parents ‘Stay and Play!’ Curriculum meeting – Sept 2015

26 Home Visits School gathers essential information Parents find out more about nursery and ask questions Child becomes familiar with nursery staff

27 ‘My Summer Diary’ Photos, cut outs, tickets, leaflets, comments Child’s favourite: People Interests Places Activities TV programmes and characters Stories and rhymes

28 ‘My Summer Collections!’ Please help your child to collect natural objects to bring to share with nursery in the Autumn term. Shells Pebbles Rocks Stones Fossils Twigs and bark Seeds, conkers, acorns etc

29 Any questions? Please feel free to ask any member of staff at any time.

30 Thank you for attending our meeting We look forward to working with you and your child

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