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Welcome to Full Day.

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1 Welcome to Full Day

2 Welcome to Full Day

3 JK Staggered Entry During the summer, a letter will come in the mail containing your child's visit dates and times. You will receive a phone call to confirm your visit. Your child will start by coming for 1 visit, either in the morning or afternoon. Your child will then come for another full day visit.  Visits may start as early as Thurs. Sept. 10th to Tues. Sept. 15th need new dates once calendar is confirmed


5 What Your Child Will Need
Supplies to bring to school A backpack for your child’s things that they can manage Lunch Pail/Bag  Indoor running shoes to leave at school, preferably with Velcro “Oops bag” to leave at school, with LABELLED extra pants, shirt, underwear and socks

6 Drop Off Students are brought to and dropped off in designated areas near their entry door. More information will be known in Sept. You need to say goodbye on the yard. During the first days of school it may be easier if you leave when the bell goes as we need to get all of your children into the school Students can come as early as 8:30, when a teacher is on duty Parents must report to the office if entering the school can we be more specific this year about where students are meeting?

7 Parking Lot Goodwin Drive Parking Lot
If you are going to be driving your child to or from school, you must park in the designated parking spaces and walk with your child to and from the yard An adult cannot leave the car in the Kiss and Ride area in order to bring the child to or from the yard Thank you for your cooperation with the safe arrival and dismissal of our students

8 Pick Up Please wait outside the doors your child will exit
(Same doors your child will enter in the morning) Teachers will bring their classes out and line them up Students will only be dismissed when called by a teacher, and only to people we have listed as able to pick up Please DO NOT call your child over and if they come and you have not heard the teacher call their name PLEASE bring them to us so we can see them leave. This is extremely important as we need to SEE who picks up each child.

9 Safe Arrival When your child is sick, or not going to be at school
(i.e. trips) please call to inform the office   You are also encouraged to call if your child is coming to school, but will be late The school will call you and your emergency contacts to find out where your child is if you have not called We want everyone to be safe 

10 Late Arrival and Early Dismissal
If you are late coming to school or need to pick up your child early, you must report to the office first Late students need to be signed in, given an admit slip and then they can come to class   When a student needs to leave early, parents are to go to the office, sign them out and the office will page the students to meet you in the office

11 Bus Students    The Students taking the bus will receive their bus tag on their September visit day. (Please let us know if your child will not be taking the bus.) The Bus Tag is to be tied on the handle at the top of their backpack Please check your child's Bus Tag for the correct bus number and pickup/drop off locations Teachers and bus patrols will be ensuring your child makes it safely to and from the correct bus

12 A Typical Day in Kindergarten
  8:45 - Arrival and attendance  9:00 - Educational instructional time (Indoor and Outdoor) 10:45 - Nutrition break and Outside Recess 11:30 - Educational instructional time 1:10 - Nutrition Break and Outside Recess 1:55 - Educational instructional time  (Indoor and Outdoor) 3:05- 3:15 - Dismissal

13 Outside Play The students play in the schoolyard everyday.
They are out there at recess as well as during some instructional time         Please dress them appropriately for the weather as ALL students go outside (unless it is raining hard)  Students are encouraged to dress themselves with little help put in new picture of our current play scape

14 Learning in Kindergarten
Kindergarten follows the Day 1-5 Cycle along with the rest of the school Your child will have gym and library scheduled using the Day Cycle Each classroom will have a Teacher (OCT) and an Early Childhood Educator (ECE) Outdoor and indoor instructional times Learning through exploration and play

15 Lunches Due to allergies, please do not send NUT products to school
Please pack your child's lunch in easy to open containers There are two nutrition breaks each day.  Please help by labelling their food (#1, #2) or buying a lunch bag with two compartments Practice opening containers and packages with your child Try a practice lunch from their lunch bag, to help familiarize them with how it looks and works Please talk to your child about not sharing food at school

16 We ask that NO FOOD be sent to school for any occasions (i. e
We ask that NO FOOD be sent to school for any occasions (i.e. birthdays, holidays etc.) due to some extreme allergies and cultural differences of which we are aware 

17 Please Label Everything!!!
Label Label Label Please Label Everything!!!

18 Washroom There is a washroom in each kindergarten classroom
Children should be able to do all washroom routines independently If your child has an accident at school, they need to independently change their clothes.  We will call if there are any concerns Provide extra clothing Label everything

Build independence by encouraging self help skills Assist them in developing social skills - play with friends often Assist them in developing academic skills - read, read, read! Share a positive attitude towards school Establish routines at home that complement school routines (e.g. consistent bed time) Have your child experiment with writing tools and scissors over the summer to increase their confidence

20 HOW CAN I GET INVOLVED? Read School and class newsletters
Attend Open House, special school events Parent/teacher conferences Volunteer in the classroom or in the school School Council

21 ???  Questions  ???

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