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Nursery information session Thursday 9th July 2015

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1 Nursery information session Thursday 9th July 2015
Welcome to our Nursery information session Thursday 9th July 2015

2 Staffing in the Nursery
Your child will be welcomed by the following members of staff: Mrs L. Fanstone - Nursery Teacher Mrs S. Harris Early Years Practitioner

3 Aims of today’s session
Provide you with information about how our Nursery works, and what your child is likely to do here Give you general information about the induction arrangements for your child starting Nursery. Answer any questions you may have in an informal ‘Q&A’ session

4 What will my child do at Nursery?
Your child will begin the first stage of their school career, working within the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ (also known simply as EYFS). This is a framework for children’s learning and development from birth up to the age of five. Here at Benson C of E Primary School, your child will continue to work within the EYFS up until the end of their Reception year.

5 Observing your child... When we carry out our observations of your child at play, we will take care to find out ‘HOW’ they like to learn, as well as ‘WHAT’ they are learning.

6 ‘HOW’ does your child like to learn?
Are the children… ? Characteristics of Eing …engaged in their play? Finding out and exploring Playing with what they know Being willing to ‘have a go’ …motivated to keep trying? Being involved and concentrating Keeping trying Enjoying achieving what they set out to do …able to think of their own ideas? Having their own ideas Making links Choosing ways to do things

7 ‘WHAT’ learning is taking place?
The 7 Areas of Learning and Development Personal, Social and Emotional Development Communication and Language Expressive Arts and Design Literacy Mathematics Understanding the World Physical Development

8 “In their play, children learn at their highest level”
Here at Benson C of E Primary School, play is at the forefront of the Nursery curriculum . “In their play, children learn at their highest level” EYFS Practice Guidance, DfES, 2007

9 Attending Nursery at Benson C of E Primary School
Your child will join either our morning session or our afternoon session, to attend up to 5 days a week. Morning Nursery: 8.45 – 11.45am Lunch club: pm Afternoon Nursery: – 3.15pm

10 General information Start date: Monday 7th September
Prior to this we would like to invite your child to Nursery taster sessions. You will be invited to stay with your child during these sessions. Wednesday 2nd: or Thursday 3rd: or Friday 4th: During the taster session we would like to book a Home Visit with you for the following week: 10th and 11th September. You do not have to stay for the whole taster session.

11 The Nursery daily routine
8.45a.m. 12.15p.m. Session begins with ‘Busy Fingers’ 9.00 12.30 Circle Time (Registration etc.) 9.15 12.45 Small Group Time 9.30 1.00 Choosing Time (Child Initiated Learning) 11.00 2.30 Tidy-up Time 11.05 2.35 Snack Time 11.15 2.45 Story Time 11.35 3.05 Prepare to go home 11.45a.m. 3.15p.m. End of session

12 What to wear… Nursery uniform is not compulsory but there will be an optional t-shirt with the School logo on it. Each child should bring a change of clothes that can be left on their peg, in a bag. This should include: A t-shirt A pair of trousers/leggings Underwear Socks Wellies Please remember to label all items of clothing!

13 Question time…

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