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Emily Bartlett Katrina Bush

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1 Emily Bartlett Katrina Bush
Female Gonads

2 Location The female gonads, or ovaries, are located in the pelvic region on either side of the uterus.

3 Hormones in the Female Gonads
Estrogen The most important of which is estradiol, are responsible for development and maintenance of the female reproductive system Responsible for the development of the female secondary sex characteristics Estrogen are components of complex neuroendocrine pathways

4 Hormones continued Androgens
Produced early in development determine whether a fetus develops as a male or female Progestin Involved in promoting uterine lining growth to support the growth and development of an embryo.

5 Effect of the Hormones These hormones control the development of female body characteristics, such as the breasts, body shape, and body hair. They also regulate the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Sex hormones affect growth and development and regulate reproductive cycle and sexual behavior

6 Homeostasis With age, the ovaries stop producing estrogen on a regular basis, and the adrenal glands become the main source of estrogen. Unused testosterone is converted into estrogen and estrogen stored in fat cells is brought into action Estrogen and progesterone are designed to balance each other out. Estrogen=makes things grow Progesterone=checks and balances that growth

7 Feedback Loops Estrogen Regulation Loop:
Estrogen balance loop begins when the hypothalamus notices a low level of the hormone estradiol in the blood (negative feedback) and begins to release gonadotropin releasing hormones (GnRH), which then notifies the pituitary gland to release 2 more hormones: -Luteinizing hormone -follicle stimulating hormone Then, LH and FSH tell ovaries to secrete estradiol and progesterone, thus completing the task.

8 Hormone Dysfunction Hypersecretion of estrogen causes development of breasts, curved figure, fuller hips, and hair. Hyposecretion of estrogen and progesterone causes the onset of menopause in women. Sometimes caused by radiation or surgical removal of hormone glands.

9 Medical Fixes for Hormone Dysfunction
Hyposecretion of estrogen or progesterone can be fixed by hormone therapy, hormone replacement drugs, or lifestyle changes such as healthy eating, consumption of vitamins, and exercise. Hypersecretion of hormones can be fixed by hormone regulating drugs, radiation therapy, or surgical removal of glands. Birth control is sometimes used for hormone regulation.

10 Ovarian Diseases Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)-  common endocrine system disorder among women of reproductive age. Women with PCOS may have enlarged ovaries that contain small collections of fluid — called follicles — located in each ovary as seen during an ultrasound exam. Infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods, excess hair growth, acne, and obesity can all occur in women with polycystic ovary syndrome.

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