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The Human Endocrine System

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1 The Human Endocrine System

2 Endocrine System and the Central Nervous System

3 Endocrine System and the Digestive System

4 Endocrine System and the Reproductive System

5 Endocrine System - Miscellaneous

6 Endocrine System - Calcium

7 Major Endocrine Glands
Hormone: Melatonin Effect: Reproductive development and daily physiologic cycles

8 Major Endocrine Glands
Hormone: Thymosin Effect: Promotes production and maturation of white blood cells

9 Major Endocrine Glands
Hormone: Insulin Effect: Converts excess glucose into glycogen in the liver Hormone: Glucagon Effect: Converts glycogen back to glucose in the liver

10 Major Endocrine Glands
Hormone: Estrogen Effect: Controls ovulation and secondary sexual characteristics Hormone: Progesterone Effect: Prepares the uterine lining to accept an embryo

11 Major Endocrine Glands
Hormone: Growth hormone Effect: Controls growth of bones and muscles Hormone: Anti-Diuretic Hormone Effect: Increases re-absorption of water in kidneys Hormones: Gonadotropins Effect: Control development of ovaries and testes

12 Major Endocrine Glands
Hormone: Thyroxine Effect: Controls rate of metabolism Controls rate that glucose is used in respiration Promotes growth

13 Major Endocrine Glands
Hormone: Adrenaline Effect: Prepares the body for emergencies Increases heart rate, breathing rate, depth of breathing Raises blood glucose level Diverts blood from gut to skeletal muscles

14 Major Endocrine Glands
Hormone: Testosterone Effect: Controls sperm production and secondary sexual characteristics

15 Negative Feedback Most endocrine secretions are controlled by negative feedback Secretion of a hormone is inhibited by the action that the hormone stimulates

16 Sex Hormones - Female (1) Follicle-Stimulating Hormone - FSH
(2) Luteinizing Hormone - LH (3) Progesterone (4) Estrogen (5) Hypothalamus (6) Pituitary gland (7) Ovary (8) Pregnancy - HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) (11) Prolactin - PRL

17 Sex Hormones - Male (1) Follicle-Stimulating Hormone - FSH
(2) Luteinizing Hormone - LH (5) Hypothalamus (6) Pituitary gland (9) Testosterone (10) Testicle (11) Prolactin - PRL

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