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Throckley Primary Care Results of Patient Information Survey - 2014.

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1 Throckley Primary Care Results of Patient Information Survey - 2014

2 General Medical Council Regulating doctors, ensuring good medical practice Licensed doctors are expected to seek feedback from colleagues and patients. They should review and act upon that feedback where appropriate. The purpose of this questionnaire is to provide the doctors with information about their work through the eyes of those they work with and treat. It is intended to help inform their further development.

3 Who and Why?

4 Who were you filling in this questionnaire for?

5 Which of the following best describes the reason you saw the doctor today?

6 Importance of your visit?

7 On a scale of 1 to 5 how important to your health and wellbeing was your reason for visiting the doctor today?

8 Consulations & Treatment

9 How good was you doctor today at being polite?

10 How good was you doctor today at making you feel at ease?

11 How good was your doctor today at listening to you?

12 How good was your doctor today as assessing your medical condition?

13 How good was your doctor today at explaining your condition and treatment?

14 How good was your doctor today at involving you in decisions about your treatment?

15 How good was your doctor today at providing or arranging treatment for you?

16 Keeping your records and data safe and secure

17 The doctor I have seen today will keep information about me confidential?

18 The doctor I seen today is trustworthy and honest?

19 I am confident about the doctors ability to provide care?

20 Would you be completely happy to see this doctor again?

21 About you

22 Was this visit with your usual doctor?

23 Are you:

24 What is your age:

25 What is your ethnic background?

26 Suggestions and comments

27 Comments and suggestions for the doctors Dr Forbes - This Doctor is very good and I will only see this Doctor as she has done a lot for me and is very good at her job. Dr Green - Good Service Dr Grainger - is always very friendly but very business like - this approach suits me fine as it leads to better diagnosis and treatment. Dr Green - Listens to me and helps me. Dr Harman - My Doctor made me feel at ease, she was very easy to talk to. Dr Green - Easy to talk to. Dr Blaylock - I have waited a long time to see Dr Blaylock as I feel comfortable with her as she knows me and knows all my problems already. Dr Green - Great advice, not our normal Doctor but very efficient. Dr Joughin - My doctor is a lovely kind person that makes me feel so at ease and comfortable when I came to see her. Dr Forbes - She makes me feel so at ease and relaxed also comfortable.

28 Comments and suggestions for the doctors Dr Joughin - Is kind and always has time to listen to me, she always listens to you, great GP, always happy to help Dr Joughin - Very rarely see a different Doctor and always try to see this particular Doctor as she is very good. Dr Joughin - She is very understanding and a helpful Doctor. Dr Joughin - Excellent service as usual, this has been my practice for years and would never change. Dr Harman - Dealt with my health problem most efficiently. Dr Jones - He is the best GP in the whole surgery! Friendly, happy and sympathetic. Dr Blaylock - Very friendly and easy to talk to. Dr Forbes - Great advice every time I visit. Dr Blaylock - Always friendly and great knowledge. Dr Green - Well educated!

29 Suggestions for the surgery Revert back to old system for making appointments to see a Doctor. Still can't understand why the Doctor has to phone you then arrange to meet you. Cut Waiting time to see a Doctor. Not liking the phone call from the Doctor at 8.30am. Hate having to wait for the Doctor to ring back to see if an appointment is needed. Over the last few years there have been a few changes to the system and perhaps patients should be informed of changes ahead of format. Telephone appointments are not always good and it means often waiting longer for appointments sometimes for a number of days. How about a couple of 'open surgeries' when patients could come along and be prepared to wait - this would save missed appointments. The appointment system is not effective on two occasions I have not been called back by a Doctor.

30 Suggestions for the surgery Difficulty in getting appointments in advance does make it difficult for patients who work, more late/early opening times would help. Being able to get an appointment for the same day when you ring up and not having to wait until Doctor rings you. I think we patients should have a little more time with the GP, every time I come in I feel rushed and that they are always in a hurry and most of the time I don’t have time to tell them everything that I want to. I know it is difficult as there are a lot of people in need to see a GP. General service very good - including booking in appointments and seeing Doctors/Nurses always very welcoming and helpful. Stop phone calls to make appointments. GP call-back is very frustrating especially if dealing with a child as it just delays getting seen by a GP. Make children’s appointments easier to book! Made to feel at ease, very polite on every visit. Excellent GP's.


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