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1 Allusions

2 What is an allusion? A. A Rocket B. A Tree C. A Carrot
D. A Literary Device

3 What is a Literary Device?
A. A Rocket B. A Tree C. A Potato D. A word or phrase used to help intensify communication.

4 So a literary device is:
“a word used as a tool to intensify communication .”? YES!! BUT BORING!!!

5 Literary devices are the heart and soul of every expression.

6 These devices breathe life into words, whether they are a part of a:
conversation, narrative, story-writing, speech, drama, newspaper, or poetry.

7 One TYPE of literary device is an

8 An ALLUSION is a reference in one literary work to a character, statement, event, or theme found in another literary work.

9 Ancient Greek Mythology 2000 B.C.
Zeus was about to strike the earth with a barrage of thunderbolts when he realized that the damaged caused by such an attack might threaten heaven itself. Do you love me? I know you will say “Yes;“ and I will take your word for it. Yet, if you swear you love me, you might be lying. They say Zeus laughs when lovers lie. Ancient Greek Mythology B.C. Romeo & Juliet 1600 A.D.

10 Main Types of Allusions
Classical Biblical. Shakespearean Historical Cultural

11 The Classical allusion
This allusion has to do with anything mentioned in GREEK MYTHOLOGY: [Example: The Lyrics refer to mythology.] “You consider me the young apprentice Caught between the Scylla and Charybdis.” - The Police

12 The Biblical allusion “I’ll see you again when the stars fall
This allusion has to do with anything mentioning information from the Bible. [Example: Lyrics refer to the Book of Revelation .] “I’ll see you again when the stars fall from the sky, and the moon turns red over One-Tree Hill.” - U2

13 The Shakespearian allusion
This allusion has to do with anything mentioned in a Shakespearean writing. [Example: Lyrics refer to a Shakespearean play.] "We could be perfect one last night. And die like star-crossed lovers when we fight“ - My Chemical Romance

14 Allusion Review: An allusion is a word tool (literary device).
An allusions can bring out ideas, associations, and extra information in the reader's mind with only a word or two. Allusion is a type of 'reference'. It relies on the reader being able to understand the allusion and being familiar with all of the meaning hidden behind the words.

15 Literary Devices Literary Elements Literary Terms Figurative Language

16 Now You Know!!

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