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UIUC College of Medicine: Teaching Curriculum

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1 UIUC College of Medicine: Teaching Curriculum
Developing a Strategy for Teaching Medical Students Effectively Jennie Hsu-Lumetta, M.D.

2 “He teaches best who shows his students not what to think, but how to think…”
Alan Gregg

3 Become the best educator you can be
Mission (not impossible!): Become the best educator you can be

4 ACGME General Competency:
Practice Based Learning and Improvement: Facilitate the learning of students and other health care professionals

5 Teaching Skills Topics
1. Orienting a Learner 2. The Five Microskills 3. Setting Goals 4. Independent Learning 5. Feedback 6. Evaluation 7. Managing Learners at Different Levels 8. Bedside Teaching 9. Lecturing 10. The Problem Learner 11. Teaching with the Literature 12. Teaching with Time Constraints

6 So you have a medical student …
What do you do next?

7 “not so much what to teach, but how to teach…”
Sir William Osler, 1899

8 Assess Plan Reflect Teach

9 Setting Goals for Learners:
Developing An Educational Plan for Medical Students Jennie Hsu-Lumetta, M.D.

10 Strategy for Setting Learning Goals
Five considerations in setting reasonable and achievable goals: 1. Experience 2. Identification 3. Strategies 4. Time Lines 5. Review

11 Prior Experience a. Education (coursework; research) b. Professional
c. Previous medical experience d. Previous clerkships e. Experience/comfort with medical procedures Some prompts: ü Page 12 of clerkship manual: list of procedures ü Procedure Log Book (optional activity)

12 Identify Appropriate Goals
Short term (e.g.: this rotation) Long term (e.g.: entire Medicine I course)

13 Establishment of Goals
Define goals as learner behaviors Prioritize goals Re-establish goals (over time)

14 Establishment of Goals – Domains
Knowledge Skills Attitude

15 Expression of Goals State goals clearly and concisely
State goals as learner behaviors State relevance of goals to learners State expected level of competence Repeat goals periodically

16 Negotiation of Goals Check out learner acceptance of teacher’s goals
Ask learners for their goals Agree on goals

17 Strategies to Help Students Meet Their Goals
Seeing patients (best!) Reading list in their clerkship manual Answer questions relating to different systems in their clerkship manual Supplemental readings you provide or suggest Attend core lectures Attend noon conferences Participate in Teaching Attending Rounds Discuss patients, findings, readings or conferences with your student

18 Set Time Lines ü Realistic ü Written ü Involve accountability

19 Review the Plan ü Provide feedback on progress
ü Identify potential barriers ü Adjust the plan as needed

20 Your Job as Teacher ü Initiate the conversation about learning goals
ü Help student make a plan that make sense ü Make the student be accountable for the goals he or she has set ü Give feedback on reaching the goals ü Have student adjust goals as needed

21 Teaching Techniques ü Give responsibility to build student’s confidence ü Be patient ü Speak clearly at an appropriate level and pace ü Write down information ü Teach key concepts ü Repeat as needed

22 The Microskills Model 1. Get a commitment
2. Probe for supporting evidence 3. Teach General Rules 4. Reinforce what was right 5. Correct Mistakes

23 5 Microskills of Teaching
Call on= Commitment (Ask, “What do you think is going on?”) Sunday= Supporting evidence (Ask, “How did you arrive at that conclusion?”) Generates= General rules (Teach general principles) Rounds on= Right (Commend what the student did right, give feedback) Monday= Mistakes (Correct mistakes)

24 The Student’s Role ü Become a Self-Directed Learner
ü Taking responsibility for his/her own learning

25 Program Resources 1. Electronic version of Medicine I Student Manual:
2. Goal-Setting Resources:

26 Case You are the senior resident on the medicine service at the beginning of the rotation. You have (choose 1): 3rd year medical student 4th year medical student Intern Establish, Express and Negotiate some Learning Goals based on Knowledge, Skills, and/or Attitudes

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