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Leonardo Da Vinci Art Masterpiece

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1 Leonardo Da Vinci Art Masterpiece
Mona Lisa

2 SELF PORTRAIT Born in 1452 in Italy Period was called High Renaissance-”High Style”. This period was know for it’s great achievement in art and science. He started to draw when he was very young and he is not only known for his art but he was also an architect, musician, scientist and inventor. People were amazed at how realistic his paintings were. He spent just as much time on the background as he did the subject of the painting. Many of his paintings were so smooth you could hardly see the brush marks. Died in France in 1519 at the age of 67.

3 Mona Lisa One of his most famous paintings.
Known for the painting technique of Sfumato-think blended & smoky looking. Without lines or boarders like you would see in a coloring book. Ever since he painted it people have been talking about the mysterious look the lady has and especially her smile. No matter where you stand, the Mona Lisa is always looking right into your eyes. It is at the Louvre in Paris France. One of the most copied and duplicated paintings of all times.

4 ACTIVITY Explain to students that they will be drawing a portrait of a Modern day Mona Lisa. Discuss the difference of clothes and hairstyle of Renaissance and our time. What would she wear now? Or how would her hair be, what would be in the background. Use your imagination. Give each student the drawing paper with head outline, pencil, and colored penciled. Show them how to draw proportionate facial features. Show simple examples of facial features like, eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Students will draw and color with the colored pencils. Have them draw modern clothes and hair for their portrait. They will use the oil pastels for the background and clothes. Show them how the oil pastels can be blended by rubbing their finger over it to smooth out the hard lines Have them sign their name on the front. Collect & Display.


6 Samples of Portions of the Face





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