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Leonardo Da Vinci By Carla Rubio Ms. Marshall W. Stiern Middle School 2009-10 Standards H.S.S.7.8.

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1 Leonardo Da Vinci By Carla Rubio Ms. Marshall W. Stiern Middle School 2009-10 Standards H.S.S.7.8

2 The Beginning  Leonardo was musician, architect, mathematician, inventor, geologist, astronomer, engineer, sculptor, botanist, and even an animal behavior.  He was known for all of those things, but mostly an inventor and artist.

3 The Birth Of Leonardo Da Vinci Leonardo was born on April 15 1452, in a small town in Vinci in Tuscany. He died on 2 May 1519 in Amboise, France His full name was Leonardo Di Ser Piero Da Vinci He was always inventing and drawing new things.

4 Leonardo’s Paintings Da Vinci. He made many paintings. He made the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, The Virgin of Rocks, The Lady with the Ermine and so many more. All of his drawings became famous and well-known by people all over the world. All of his work demonstrates his fascination which physiognomy.

5 The Mona Lisa  In 1503 Leonardo created a masterpiece, the Mona Lisa.  The lady has irregular smile that attracts many people. Intrigued people ever since he first painted it.  The Mona Lisa must have been really special and important to him because he kept it very close to him.

6 The Last Supper  Made in the year of 1469.  It was a giant mural on the wall.  He painted it for many days.  He invented a new painting method and used it in the painting.  The Paint started to ware off.  Experts try to save the painting but they could not.

7 Working with the War During his life he help designed war tools. It was his job to design war machines. He designed submarines, guns, and many other things. He designed them but they were never built. Later he was passed on as the artist in Rome. Angry at the pope he left to Milan and there he was a military engineer and architect.

8 The Black Death  The Black Death hit Milan, meanwhile Da Vinci started to study sanitation and hygiene.  The streets were filled with human waste.  He thought that that was the cause of many people.  He decided he would make a plan to keep the city healthy.  It involved plumbing, street cleaning and public toilets.  But amazingly he escaped the Black Plague and he was no victim of it.

9 Leonardo’s Work in Astronomy  He believed that the earth was fixed.  Also that the sun and the moon went around it.  All of his interest in lenses and use of mirrors, led him to invent the telescope.  His quote, “It is possible to find the by which the eye shall not see remote objects as much diminished as in natural perspective.”  He wrote down the moons spots would be better defined.

10 Leonardo's Work in Astronomy cont.  Although he designed the telescope it was never built until later ages.  He could have backed up his ideas but he never built it.  Still he studied the moon, earth sun and planets.  But a couple of Leonardo's ideas were wrong, he thought the earth was a star.  Also he thought that if a human were to stand on the moon.

11 The Bodies of the Dead  Much of Leonardo's scientific work was private.  He had worried that people would laugh at him or even worse, thrown into prison.  The work on the bodies he did, was illegal.  Had to work at night only.  Dissected more than 30 human bodies.  Believed human body was an ultimate machine.  Wanted to learn how the skeleton linked up, how the blood flowed, and how muscles worked.

12 The Bodies of the Dead cont.  first person to ever discover hardened arteries as a cause of death  Report that the heart is a muscle that pumps the blood  Draw a human baby inside it’s mother ‘s body  Studied muscles and bones

13 Bibliography  Storm, Laura. Leonardo Da Vinci Artist and Scientist.  Reed, Jennifer. Leonardo Da Vinci Genius of Art and Science.   leon.htm leon.htm leon.htm

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