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2 ABOUT ME  Piano  Running  Movies  Music 

3 GRIZZLY PRIDE PROJECT  For my Grizzly Pride Project I went and did a Service breakfast for The Utah Foster Care Foundation.  My grandma, Kelly Peterson, is the CEO of Utah Foster Care. There really is a lot that I didn’t know about the Foster Care system.  If you want to be a Foster parent, you have to go through 6 months of training before they will even accept you as a possible Foster parent.


5 HOPES & PLANS FOR MY FUTURE  My hopes and plans for the future are, to go to SLCC and do my Generals, and then hopefully go to Weber State and do Dentistry there.  Weber State has a really great Dental Hygiene program. They offer you so many opportunities, through their school that could help you become a Dental Hygienist faster.

6 CAREER CHOICE  The career that I am moving toward is to become a Dentist.  My moms best friends is a Dental Hygienist right now and is moving her way up to become a Dentist.  She has to go through more school and more training to become a Dentist, but when her boss retires, she’s going to take over his business as the Dentist.

7 CAREER RESEARCH  When I first started doing research on a Dentist, I found that most people start out as a Dental Hygienist before they become a Dentist. When I talked to my moms friend about it, she told me that, that was the best way to go. And then when you’re ready to become a Dentist, you can go through the training and the rest of your schooling when you feel is necessary.

8 JOB SHADOW  For my Job Shadow, I Shadowed my mom, because her friend was going to be out of town for a month, and wouldn’t be able to let me job shadow her, so my mom told me that I could go with her.  My mom is a school teacher out in Tooele at Copper Canyon Preschool. She is an SLT, which is a Speech and Language Technician. What my mom does is, she deals with the kids with speech problems or if they have a disability. If kids can’t say their R’s she teaches them the proper way to say it, and they learn really well from her.  When I was watching her with them, it’s actually really hard work. Some people might think that it’s easy, but the kids sometimes don’t listen to her, so it takes them a minute to process what she’s trying to get them to do.


10 INSIGHT ON MY JOB SHADOW  When my mom was telling me about everything she had to do for the job, it made me realize that it’s not as easy as it sounds, or as it makes out to be.  You have to be very patient with the kids, because they usually don’t understand right away, so you have to explain it a few times for them to actually comprehend it.  You have to write these things called IEP’s, to place the student in the right grading level that they need to be in. Or they’re used to give you extra help that you need in your classes. They aren’t usually for certain classes, they are used for all of your classes.

11 WRAP-UP  It’s kind of scary getting old, and figuring out your life, and having to pay for your own things, and even making your own appointments for stuff, even little things like make things seem so surreal.  Graduation is so close, it makes you really put things into perspective about what you want to do with your life, and what school to go to. Doing this project made me actually think about what I wanted my career to be, and what school I wanted to go to.  Everybody tells me that after High School, it’s a breeze, so that’s what I’m hoping for.

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