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Cultural Legacy of Africa

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1 Cultural Legacy of Africa

2 Early Peoples/Government
First hunter-gatherers Settled Farming communities- Slash and burn agriculture Villages develop: power shared; no central authority

3 Family Some families patrilineal: inheritance passed through father’s side Some matrilineal: inheritance traced through mother’s side Belonged to a lineage: group of household who claimed a common ancestor. Several lineages formed a clan

4 Religion Polytheistic
Used rituals and ceremonies to influence nature and sprits Spirits of ancestors could affect people on earth Islam moves into West African Kingdoms

5 African Written and Oral Tradition
Griots: Record keepers Before West Africa had written histories griots would memorize everything and recite to the people Very important in West African culture Folktales: a story that is usually passed down orally and becomes part of a community’s tradition Folktales pass along history and teach young people morals and values Famous folktale about the “trickster” hare-Brer rabbit

6 Proverb: Popular sayings that use images from everyday life to express ideas or give advice
Ex: “Every time an old man dies it is as if a library has burnt down” Written tradition: After Islam spread to West Africa written tradition became more important. West Africans used Arabic to write

7 West African Music Music: Communicates ideas, values, and feelings. Celebrates historic events and important occasions Call and response: A leader sings a short phrase then the group repeats the phrase Enslaved Africans brought call and response to America

8 Instruments Balafon: Original Griot instrument.
Wooden bars laid across a frame like a zylophone Ngoni: Small stringed instrument Made of hollowed out piece of carved into the shape of a canoe

9 Kora: Harplike instrument with 21 strings
Made out of gourd that is cut in half and covered with cow skin

10 Drums: Important part of West African culture
Used during parties, meetings, ceremonies, and religious gatherings Made out of hollowed out logs and covered with animal skins

11 Dance Dance very important Used for rituals, ceremonies, important events, celebrate success, educate children, seek help of spirits, and connect with ancestors Dance movements reflect the conditions people live in

12 Masks Masks made of wood: very detailed Very important for ceremonies, performances, and sacred rites Used to summon spirits of the gods and ancestors Inspired artists such as Picasso

13 West African Visual Art
Sculpture-used to call upon spirits and honor leaders. Used ivory, wood, bronze Turned practical objects into things of beauty-storage containers, utensils, furniture, baskets

14 Textiles Kente Cloth: most famous Sew together narrow strips of fabric
Colors and design have symbolic meaning Seen today around the world especially in quilts

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