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West African Masks By Dana Munson & Adrianna Thomas.

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1 West African Masks By Dana Munson & Adrianna Thomas


3 What shapes do you see? Do you see any patterns? How do you create a pattern?

4 Bold patterns are carved or painted with pigments

5 Are masks 2D or 3D?

6 If you were to fold these masks in half they be the same on both sides.This is an example of symmetrical balance.

7 Where do these masks show negative space?

8 Why do people create masks?

9 Artists hold a respected position in the community Masks are valued for their spiritual quality Part of a ceremonial costume During ceremonies the masks come to life through music and dancing Represents spirits of ancestors and controls the balance between good and evil

10 Use materials from the Earth such as wood, terracotta clay pottery, raffia and textiles. They are often decorated with cowrie shells, colored beads, bone, animal skins and vegetable fibers. Sometimes metals such as bronze, copper and brass are also used. Even the tools used for carving have spiritual qualities.

11 Masks celebrate more abstract qualities like nobility, beauty, courage, mischief and humor.

12 20 th century Artists such as Pablo Picasso and Andre Derain were inspired by African Art Sparked the Cubism movement (objects are broken up and re- assembled in an abstract form)

13 How do these masks create emotion?


15 Animals have long inspired Ideas for Mask Designs!

16 What animals live in Africa? Rhinoceros

17 Lions

18 Hyenas Antelope Leopards

19 Ostriches

20 Zebras

21 African Cow

22 Water Buffalo

23 African Marsh Owl

24 African Elephant

25 African Hunting Dog

26 African Rock Python

27 How would you design a mask that represents you? Some masks combine human and animals qualities together!

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