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Private Label Preferred Partner Program Trunkey Website.

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1 Private Label Preferred Partner Program Trunkey Website

2 Turnkey Website for sale  Have you ever wanted to have your own Travel Website but could not afford it?  Do you have a website that has not booking engine and does not generate any revenue for you and could not afford to build one that would?  To build a fully functiononal ecommerce driven website would cost Thousands of dollars?  How about if we can offer you one for under $1000?  So what’s the catch? Read on......

3 Turnkey Website for sale  TravelSpot offers you a complete turnkey website for sale  Sites are ready to go with integrated booking engine, shopping cart, and travel products  Sites are fully optimized with private label content for Air, Car and Hotels are controlled by TravelSpot. You are able to make money selling online.  You have the ability to control what you want to sell, Flights, Hotel, or Cars  The domain name is already purchased by us and handed over to you    

4 Some of the Turnkey Website for sale

5 Turnkey Website for sale> how does it work  TravelSpot has already purchased the domain name so we hand it over to you  Hosting is currently with  Purchase the site and we will transfer the domain name to you and the hosting over to you as the new owner. You will then be responsible to pay for hosting with 1and1 or a hosting domain of your choice.  We will retain the password to the site to update Air, Car, and Hotel information to the site. No maintenance charge is imposed from us to do this.

6 The Catch is must sign up for our Private Label Program  The TravelSpot program enables you to build your own Private Label Travel Channel  Start your own online Travel Channel  Excellent opportunity to monetize your traffic  Online Travel is a $100b industry  Earn maximum revenue through two revenue components (a) High payouts upon bookings (as opposed to consumption); you earn on each booking/ticket (b) Mark-up facility for higher earnings ( based on a cap threshold)

7 Your site will earn high and competitive Commissions (upon booking) Rates based upon respective sites as of 6/22/2010 ProductsPricelineHotwire*ExpediaTravelocityOrbitzTravelSpot Airline Tickets3% / $7 / $52% / $2$4 $5 $8 - $10 per ticket Hotel Rooms7% / 5% / 3%3%5.5% / 3%6% / 3%$12 / $6 $15 - $17 per booking Rental Cars3% / 3%3%2% $4 $5 - $7 per rental ActivitiesNA 5% of transaction NA $5 -$7 per booking InsuranceNA $5 -$7 per policy

8 Travel Products on your website via Our Partner Program  TravelSpot is an industry leader offering scalable Private Label travel solutions  TravelSpot offers a wide array of travel products that include: Flights, Hotels, Cars, Activities and Insurance  Preferred Affiliate Partners are provided with the tools to build their own comprehensive travel website to maximize online revenue

9 Product Highlights Featured on your Own Website  Over 100 million airfare combinations with more than 400 airlines worldwide  More than 85,000 hotels in over 400 cities worldwide  High discounts on car rentals  Activities with more than 5,500 tours and excursions in over 75 countries ( available 4 th quarter, 2010).  Extensive travel insurance products  Travelspot offers ALL major scheduled carriers for best possible flight options and pricing  TravelSpot offers several different banner/widget images to choose from  TravelSpot offers 24/7 customer service

10 The catch is? You will need to sign an agreement for 1 – 5 years  You will need to sign an agreement to feature our private label program with Air, Car, and Hotels for 1 to 5 years. *  5 years >>> $ 500  4 years >>> $750  3 years >>> $1000  1 year agreement $ 2500 * Exact details will be discussed, during the Ecommerce partnership discussion.

11 I am interested ! Who do I need to contact ? Contact: Anthony Bowen, CTC – Director of Ecommerce Partnerships TravelSpot A division of One Travel - WK Travel, Inc. 1050 East Flamingo Road, Suite S302 Las Vegas, NV 89119 Tel: 1-212-763-0538 E-mail:

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