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Writing In-Class Essays

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1 Writing In-Class Essays

2 Consider the Question Understand the question and make sure you answer the question asked. Don’t stray off topic. Remember the question is an opportunity to show the instructor what you know.

3 Think About the Question
Do a pre-write to generate ideas. Organize your ideas [group them together] Make an outline with a thesis and a topic sentence.

4 Your Thesis Try to make the question into your thesis statement.
Question ex:(Describe three reasons why students fail final exams) Thesis:Three reasons why students fail final exams are a lack of attendance,participation and studying.

5 Begin Writing Make your title now so you don’t forget!
Double space so you can make insertions. Top to bottom- start at the introduction and work your way through. Middle to ends- start with 3-body paragraphs and then write introduction and conclusion.

6 Don’t Forget Essay Structure
Introduction – lead-in, transition sentences and thesis. Body paragraphs – Transition and topic sentence and main points and examples with specific details. Conclusion – restate thesis in different words, summarize and use an ending strategy.

7 Save Time to Revise and Edit
Quickly read your essay once forward all the way through – make sure you haven’t left out any important ideas. Quickly read your essay backwards – Check for run-ons, fragments, and spelling errors.

8 What should I do before class begins?
If you know the topic, do a pre-write, outline and draft essay at home. If you have a selection of topics , do a pre-write and outline for each at home.

9 Before class begins? (cont…..)
If you don't know the topic, look at your notes and homework assignments: What were the major points covered? Write a few sample questions and do a pre-write and outline for them. Write a daily journal on academic topics. It will help make in-class writing easier.

10 What should I do during class?
Read each question carefully. Make sure you understand it before you begin writing. Budget your time: Make sure you can pre- write, outline,write and edit your essay.

11 Your Time = 90 Minutes Choose a question 3 min Pre-write 5-10 min
Organize and outline min Draft min Revise min Edit min

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