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All addresses in English.=dot in English My address is … Home.

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4 All e-mail addresses have the @ @@ @ symbol. @=at in English.=dot in English My e-mail address is … Home

5 A type of diary that you put on the Internet is called Blog.

6 click You click with the mouse to make your computer do something.

7 When you take text,music or video from Internet, you d dd download it.

8 You use e ee e-mail (eletronic mail) to send and receive messages on your computer via the Internet.

9 favourite websites favourites You can keep a list of favourite websites (called favourites) on your computer.

10 You click g gg go to start a search on the Internet.

11 humor You can use symbols to add humor to your e-mail messages. For example : =:-)=amused =:-(=sad =:-)=amused =:-(=sad =:-|=deadpan … =:-|=deadpan …

12 You can use the Internet for the instant messaging. You send a message and you receive a reply immediately. Its like a written conversation. Hello! Hello!

13 Junk mail You sometimes receive emails that you didnt ask for and didnt want.This is Junk mail or spam.

14 keyboard You use the keyboard to type a message. Dog is on the table …

15 A l ll link connects one web page to another.Its usually a word or phrase in blue and underlined. Dog

16 mouse You use the mouse to move around the screen of your computer.

17 The N NN Net is another word for the Internet.

18 Online Online means connected to the Internet. Im online!

19 podcast You can download a podcast (a radio programme or a video) from the Internet and play it on your i Pod(mp3 player).

20 quit When you quit a computer program, you close it.

21 reply You send a message and you receive a reply.

22 surf You surf the Internet to find information.

23 tools toolbar There are tools,Theyre on the toolbar.

24 username Your username is your e-mail name.

25 virtual Type virtual tour of London into Google and explore the capital of Great Britain!

26 A w ww webcam is a camera connected to a computer.

27 x You can write the letter x at the end of your e-mails to send a kiss.

28 Dont stay up late surfing the Internet.Go to bed.


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