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Measuring and Monitoring Social Media Presence Measuring and Monitoring Social Media Presence Rim Dakelbab.

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1 Measuring and Monitoring Social Media Presence Measuring and Monitoring Social Media Presence Rim Dakelbab

2 What is Web Analytics The measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage It is often done without the permission or knowledge of the user, in which case — particularly with third party cookies which can be shared between different web sites

3 Measure Social Media Success provides your influencer score Measuring campaign reach on Twitter to understand the social impact of their campaigns Mr.unfollowr Track your unfollows and get direct message or email if someone stopped following you.

4 Dig Deeper Web Analytics The solution for marketers and webmasters to track the following: Real-time unique visitors Detailed page-views, visits and visitor reports Visitor behavior reports In-depth search engines and term analysis Detailed referrer reports Country, state, city reports Company / ISP reports

5 Why - Purpose Analyzing leads on how to make the best decisions to Increase and online sales Grow the website and traffic

6 How It works By organizing and filtering all scattered information and complex inputs of different objects and meanings such as; e- mails, audio files, video. Inject certainty and predictability into the decision making process to gain organized insight into this information Eliminate the Keeping information safe and secure by providing access to accredited By analyzing and interpreting data, companies can now attract and retain their best customers by having a precise portrait of who they are, their preferences and age group. Turning information into Insight and developing strategies to know what and how to satisfy customers

7 1- Google Analytics Definitions: - Monitoring the traffic - A visitor is the total visits - A Unique Visitor: the total times eachvisitor did once What is Google Analytics (GA) Google offers this service FREE of charge It provides detailed statistics about the website visits. It helps marketers analyze their web statistics to better understand their visiters and their performancestatistics marketers The Google Analytics cookie will store a unique identifier – so the website can recognise you if you visit again. By default, this information is shown to website publishers through the Google Analytics tools

8 Website People are now people not clicks Executive Analytics Dashboards Raw and Real Time Data Collection Visitor Demographics Reports Visitor Behavioral Reports Advanced Data Visualization with Notes Merchandise Reporting Visitor Click Path Analysis Workflow Management 2- Yahoo Web Analytics

9 Yahoo uses this feature to allow users to learn the interest categories and top Yahoo! properties visited by customers. Visitor Interests reports reveal the interest categories of your customers, based upon the types of websites they visit. Reports are also available providing the top Yahoo! properties visited by your customers. Like demographics, Interest Category and Yahoo! Property characteristics can also be used as segmentation dimensions. Behavioral segments can be purchased from Yahoo! or other networks. Yahoo Web Analytics

10 Visitor Click Path Analysis Analyze visitor click paths to track popular paths and identify common drop-off points. Track visitor clickpaths through multi-step conversion processes and troubleshoot popular paths to increase task completions. Drill down on branches of the tree structure to follow all the paths from or to that page. The Path Analysis report can be exported as a diagram to PDF or as data to Excel. The Paths to Conversion report gives you a list of all the paths that led to any of the 50 actions you can track on your site. Yahoo Web Analytics

11 Insight on Visitor Behavioral Reports Where Visitors Spend Their Time how they got there, where they went in the site which pages are attracting attention where they left from, and, when possible, where they went to. Summary includes a number of reports in the Visits and Paths sections of the Menu that provide insight into your visitors’ behavior. Yahoo Web Analytics

12 Figure 1 shows the Average View Time report, which lists which files, on average, have the longest viewing time. If you are only interested in maximizing the exposure of advertising, for example, this might be a better report to use. If you want to maximize exposure in individual visits, then the Average View Time report is applicable. Yahoo Web Analytics

13 3- One Stat Free - is the most reliable, fully password-protected tracker available today. We provide you the most detailed web analytics reports and the best of all: it is absolutely free! - specializes in delivering on- demand web analytics solutions to the Enterprise and SME market.

14 Informative article and videos ce=uds&autoplay=1 ds&autoplay=1 e=uds&autoplay=1

15 Educatory Video

16 Happy Analytics Thank you

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