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Pediatrician Kiersten Janowiak 5 th hour 10/21/13 Career Tech.

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1 Pediatrician Kiersten Janowiak 5 th hour 10/21/13 Career Tech

2 The job I’m researching is a Pediatrician. What is a pediatrician? A pediatrician is a doctor that works with kids from when they’re first born until they turn 18. What got me interested in this career was knowing that I will work with kids and help other people. I will be researching what kinds of responsibilities I will have while doing this job, the pay, working conditions, training, and outlook. Introduction.

3 Responsibilities. Conduct physicals Child immunizations Screening for disease Diagnosing illness Prescribing medications

4 Working Conditions. This job is a physical job. This job is indoors. You work in exam rooms/ hospitals. Hours can exceed about 60 per week and you may be asked to come in at late hours or irregular times. The environment is very pleasant: 1.Healthy/ sanitary. 2.Kind co workers

5 Training/ qualifications. 4 years of undergraduate school. (Bachelors) 4 years of medical school.(MD) 3-8 years of internship and residency depending on the specialty selected. Some medical schools provide 6 years of combined undergraduate and medical. I plan on going to the University of Michigan. I will take a medical class in high school to help prepare for this career.

6 Outlook/ employment. The employment rate for pediatricians is projected to increase 22% between 2008- 2018 due to expanding health care needs. I would like to find a career opening for a pediatrician in Michigan or South Carolina. In Michigan I’d like to work at St. Johns hospital. In South Carolina I’d like to work at St. Josephs.

7 Earnings. My lifestyle goals are: Have a nice house, nice car, and be able to support my family. The pay does fit my goals. The typical salary for pediatricians in Michigan is $117,945- $169,872 annually. The typical salary for a pediatrician $128,734- $142,376 annually. The first thing I would buy is the house that I want to live in.

8 Related Occupation. Another occupation I would consider is being a medical assistant. Responsibilities of medical assistant are: report to clinical coordinator assist physician, interview patients, take telephone messages, and give instructions to patients. Work conditions for a medical assistant are similar to a pediatrician. Very sanitary, indoors (exam rooms or behind a desk). Full time medical assistants work around 40 hours per week. In most states, being a medical assistant just requires a high school diploma. Employment is expected to grow 31% from 2010- 2020. Earnings are about $28,860 per year. I chose this job because first, it’s still in the medical field, and second, it’s a good paying job, and just something I’d be interested in.

9 Feelings of the job. I feel like this job will be a great job for me in the future. I have always loved working with kids and helping other people and being able to do that will make me very happy. Something that I look forward to the most is working with the kids and being able to help them feel better. Something I look forward to the least is if I have to give them an immunization. I’m not great with doing that but I think I will be able to get used to it after some time.

10 Citations.

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