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Payton Tallman Hour: 4 January 23, 2013 Career Tech.

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1 Payton Tallman Hour: 4 January 23, 2013 Career Tech

2 "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.” Everyone loves their pets, and sometimes our pets get hurt, or just need some training! I've always loved training my dog, and I still do, and I would hate to see her get hurt or any animal! I would hate to see any animal in distress and would hate to see people euthanize their pet because they don’t know how to train or take care of them. That’s why I want my future career to be an animal care taker and service worker. In order to get an better understanding of my chosen career field I will be researching nature of work, qualifications, outlook, earnings, advancement, and related occupations. In doing so I hope it will strengthen my knowledge about being an animal care taker and service worker

3  Care for needs of pets, marine animals, and other non-farm animals.  Feed, water, groom and exercise animals.  Trains animals to do a specific behavior.  Monitors animals and records information such as their diet, physical condition and behavior.  Examines animals for illness or injury.  Helps vaccinate or euthanize animals.  Work in shelters and match animals and families

4  Physical and mental. Could be bitten or scratched, and could see abused animals and have to euthanize them.  Works in zoos, shelters, clinics, stables, and at the client’s house.  Kennels, animal shelters, and stables, must be staffed 24 hours a day, some animal caretakers often work irregular hours, weekends, and holiday shifts  May have to work outdoors in all different kinds of weather.  May have to travel for animal competitions and shows

5  High School Diploma  Bachelors Degree in biology and animal science (For working in zoos or with marine animals)  Take zoology in high school.  Attend one of 50 state-licensed grooming  Have responsibility and experience  Take courses at community colleges or vocational and private training schools (Dog trainer)  Go to Albion College

6  Animal Care and Service Workers are expected to grow 23% from 2010-2020, Nonfarm animal caretakers is expected to grow by 28 percent, and animal trainers are expected to grow by 3 percent.  Animal care takers and service workers will need to keep up with the growing animal population.  Job opportunities are excellent for most positions (dog trainers, groomers, pet sitters, kennel attendants, and caretakers in shelters and rescue leagues. )  As the companion animal population gets bigger, the more shelters workers, zoos keepers, and groomers they will need.  However, people wanting to be, horse trainers, marine animal trainers, or zoo keepers will face more competition.  I want to stay in Michigan for schooling, and work here.

7 Median wages  Animal trainers- 26,580  Animal service and care takers- 19,790  Non-farm animal care takers- 19,550  In total (all occupations)- 33,840  Stay in Michigan for schooling and work.  Earn my bachelors degree.  First purchase: Nice two story house in the more “country side” of Michigan with lots of property.

8 Veterinarians  Median pay $82,040 per year.  Need Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at an accredited college of veterinary medicine  Requires you to have taken many science classes, including biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, zoology, microbiology, and animal science.  Expected to grow 36 percent from 2010 to 2020  veterinary medicine is growing quickly so there will be fewer openings in that field

9 While researching about this career I’ve learned about the bad and good things about this career. I am still extremely excited to one day have this career. As a little kid I’ve always wanted to take care for animals and soon I will actually be doing so! I like being a teenager but I cant wait to grow up so I can do what I’ve always wanted to as a little kid. I look forward to working hard to one day become an animal care taker and service worker.

10  service/animal-care-and-service- workers.htm#tab-1 service/animal-care-and-service- workers.htm#tab-1

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