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2 Sudan is found in the Northeast part of Africa; Darfur is a region in the west.


4 To put that in perspective… Population of Ann Arbor: People who have died in the Darfur conflict: 114, 000 400,000 Imagine the city of Ann Arbor being wiped out and no one saying anything.

5 Population of Chicago: Number of people displaced in Darfur: 2.8 million 2.5 million Imagine the people of Chicago with no safe haven. Would you speak?




9 Darfur Conflict 2003: Two rebel movements from Darfur vs. Sudanese government Sudanese Liberation Movement (SLM) Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) These groups emerged in protest to Impoverishment Government neglect of Darfur


11 Role of the Sudanese Government Arming and re-arming janjaweed militias Providing helicopters to bomb villages Attack and assault of aid workers President Omar al-Bashir continues to hinder aid efforts

12 The Janjaweed (“devil on horseback” in Arabic) are the government sponsored militia responsible for the mass killings in Darfur.


14 D a r f u r, S u d a n 80% of the children under five years old are suffering from severe malnutrition. 70% of the deaths in the camps are children under five.

15 “I was sleeping when the attack on Disa [village] started. I was taken away by the attackers, they were all in uniforms. They took dozens of other girls and made us walk for hours. During the day we were beaten and they were telling us: "You, the black women, we will exterminate you, you have no god." At night we were raped several times. The Arabs guarded us with arms and we were not given food for three days.”

16 Rape as a Janjaweed Weapon Firewood collection – men vs. women Rape and gang-rape continue to be brutally used as weapons Stigma of rape in Darfurian Muslim culture

17 Displaced Darfurians




21 Current Situation AU-UN troops have begun deployment into Darfur (9,000 on ground) but are being stalled Sudanese government demanding to know all movement of troops AU-UN troops need 24 helicopters due to no donations from other countries


23 Divestment 70% of Sudan’s annual revenue goes toward military expenses SADA: Sudan Accountability and Divestment Act passed January 2008 Targets a small group of foreign companies helping to fund the genocide Get UM to divest! —DAN


25 China & the Role of Oil China is the primary buyer of Sudanese oil Indirectly funding the genocide China has not divested, or taken any steps to disengage their economic support from the government 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics – “Genocide Olympics”

26 People Making Noise Several movies and books have been released Celebrities raising awareness Cities such as Lansing hold rallies National divestment campaign


28 What is STAND? STAND (A Student Anti-Genocide Coalition) is national student-run organization seeks to end the genocide and crisis in Darfur through four main objectives: 1) To increase consciousness about the genocide in Darfur both in the United States and abroad; 2) To raise relief and development funds for victims and displaced persons; 3) To urge political action for a swift, sustainable, and just solution to the situation in Darfur 4) To coordinate national and international student efforts to achieve the aforementioned purposes.

29 Okay, so… What does the UM-Chapter do? Awareness events Host speakers Darfur Fast Teach-ins Tabling Fundraising Letter-writing Divestment Film screenings Community outreach Attend rallies Bar nights Join us! Mondays at 8:00PM, Ginsberg Center

30 STAND contact: darfuraction@

31 Don’t Stand By – Stand Up!

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