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By Clare Brennan DARFUR GENOCIDE. Map of Sudan and the Darfur region.

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1 By Clare Brennan DARFUR GENOCIDE

2 Map of Sudan and the Darfur region

3 VOCABULARY Janjaweed: a government funded armed tribal militia group within Sudan SLA: (Sudan Liberation Army) Sudanese rebel group, defied the Sudanese government JEM: (Justice and Equality Movement) Sudanese rebel group, defied the Sudanese government Omar al-Bashir: the president of Sudan who possesses almost all effective political power Janjaweed militia entering a village on Camels

4 “US” = SLA + JEM + People of Darfur (Black Sudanese) “THEM” = Janjaweed + Sudanese government (Arab Sudanese) Genocide is racially based

5 8 STAGES Origins of Conflict  Civil war  Tension btwn Darfurians + Arabs over land rights  Janjaweed = old rivals of SLA and JEM  Govt. neglect lead to poverty and starvation Neglected children living in Darfur

6 8 STAGES 1956: Independence from Britain Civil War: North vs. South – ends in – Civil War starts again 1990’s – govt ignores Darfur violence Feb – rebel groups attack 2005 – Comprehensive Peace Agreement Timeline

7 8 STAGES State Sovereignty  Authoritarian govt, all power given to President Omar al-Bashir  Sept – UN proposes resolution putting sanctions against Sudan’s leaders  Haven’t done so, afraid to challenge state sovereignty Sudan’s president Omar al-Bashir

8 8 STAGES How genocide is carried out  Muslim Arab Sudanese killing Muslim Black Sudanese (Classification)  Carried out by Janjaweed  Sudanese leaders fund and supply Janjaweed (Organization, Preparation)  Enter villages, kill men, rape women, burn houses, destroy entire villages, separate families, shoot those trying to escape (Dehumanization, Extermination)  Escapees travel to Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps  Pollute water + cut off economic resources

9 Villages in Darfur being burned down and destroyed

10 8 STAGES Total DeathsDisplaced Civilians Deaths per Day Deaths per Month +400,000+2,000, ,000 Statistics  President Omar al-Bashir is claiming to have only lost around 10,000 lives (denial)

11 8 STAGES – REVIEW a) Classification – black Africans vs. Arab Africans b) Symbolization – no specific examples c) Dehumanization – harming people, separating families, raping women d) Organization – govt. funded Janjaweed, planned route of villages e) Polarization – no help or protection f) Preparation – govt. cut off Darfur g) Extermination – burning villages, killing people h) Denial – reject evidence of genocide Suffering children of Darfur

12 INTERNATIONAL RESPONSE Sep, 2004 – US Secretary of State declared this an act of genocide US and UN initiated + supported peace agreements, but many countries will not sign up/will not follow them once signed USA June 2005 – ICC investigated human rights violations in Darfur March, 2009 – ICC issued arrest warrants for al- Bashir, Ahmad Harun, + militia leader Ali Kushayb International Community

13 INTERNATIONAL RESPONSE Justice/Recovery  Genocide still going on  Justice began thru US and international response, but there is still so much more to be done  Some death rates have declined (as a part of recovery), but many people are still suffering/being harmed  Many injuries and health concerns still exist and will continue to affect Darfurians even once genocide is ended Corpses in Darfur

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