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Presentation outline IT pain points Top features Product snapshot

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2 Presentation outline IT pain points Top features Product snapshot
Product benefits How GFI Network Server Monitor™ works Product testimonials Product compliments Conclusion

3 IT Pain points

4 IT pain points It is time-consuming to manually monitor disk space, services, processes, etc., on servers and workstations A problem can escalate if administrator is not aware of the problem when outside the office System downtime could be costly in terms of credibility and revenue

5 The product

6 Top features (1/2) Out-of-the-box monitoring and checks for Exchange, ISA Server, SQL, Linux and Web servers Customizable checks through scripting for both Windows and Linux/Unix and SNMP-enabled devices Alerting related to critical states through , network messages and SMS Username and password can be specified for almost all checks

7 Top features (2/2) ActiveChecks technology emulates virtual user actions by actually logging in Facilitates network monitoring Monitors and reacts to network and server failures to ensure maximum network uptime Monitor disk space, services, processes and more on servers and workstations

8 Product snapshot GFI Network Server Monitor manager

9 Product snapshot Detailed network resource availability report

10 Product benefits Save time by monitoring your network and servers for software and hardware failures automatically Out-of-the-box monitoring of Exchange, ISA, SQL and Web servers Run time-consuming yet vital checks automatically to monitor disk space, services, processes and more on servers and workstations Easy to learn, deploy and use – no client component/agent

11 How GFI Network Server Monitor works

12 Testimonials

13 Product testimonials (1/2)
“Since installing and configuring GFI Network Server Monitor on our network, I’ve been wondering where you guys have been all my IT life! Not only did I have monitoring checks set up and activated for my entire network in less than an hour, I was already realizing that I’ll get a full night’s sleep in the event of an outage because it will take care of any reboots and service restarts for me! Thanks GFI, you just made this IT Exec extremely happy!” Robert J. Hantson, CTO/CIO, QBOS, Inc. Dallas, TX, USA

14 Product testimonials (2/2)
“We use GFI Network Server Monitor to monitor over 40 servers and to validate Exchange, SQL and Active Directory services – the simplicity of set-up meant we were up and running within a couple of hours and our Helpdesk group now has the ability to see at a glance should any systems go offline. Another great GFI product!” Steve Callow, Computer Support Manager, Manx Telecom Limited, Douglas, Isle of Man Click here for more testimonials!

15 GFI product complements
Best incorporated with these GFI on-premise products: GFI LanGuard™ for security scanning, vulnerability management and patch management GFI EventsManager™ for network-wide event log management GFI EndPointSecurity™ for network-wide control of portable storage media and consumer electronic devices

16 Conclusion Constantly monitoring your entire network is a laborious task If servers are not monitoring properly, end-users will complain of system failures before you know about them! GFI Network Server Monitor is easy to learn/use and easy to deploy as there is no client component/agent Out-of-the-box monitoring of Exchange, ISA, SQL and Web servers Performs actual administrator operations to verify services Guarantees that all aspects of these services are running and functioning without the need for any administrative intervention Competitive pricing!

17 Corporate overview Offices located around the globe: USA (North Carolina, California and Florida), UK (London and Dundee), Australia, Austria, Romania, and Malta Hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide Trusted by thousands of companies around the world GFI products are sold by a global network of thousands of partners All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

18 More info and downloads
Click here to learn more about the product Check out our competitive pricing Download your FREE trial of GFI Network Server Monitor Visit:

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