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Award-winning vulnerability management software

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1 Award-winning vulnerability management software

2 Presentation outline IT pain points The product
Three pillars of network vulnerability management What’s new in v. 9? Product benefits Testimonials Kudos Conclusion

3 IT pain points 90% of all network security breaches are due to a software or hardware vulnerability caused by a missing patch – Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2006 The frequency of newly announced vulnerabilities has increased to 50 per week – Gartner Group, 2006 Failure to comply with compliance regulations such as PCI can lead to hefty fines Failure to keep machines patched can lead to security breaches and downtime Without an automated patching mechanism, manual patching is time-consuming

4 GFI LANguard A network security scanner, patch management and network and software auditing solution that secures your network with minimal administrative effort! The most complete network vulnerability management solution in one convenient integrated package which offers Vulnerability scanning Patch management Network and software auditing Over 15,000 vulnerability assessments are made with each scan to detect, assess and rectify any security vulnerabilities on your network Named Best of TechEd 2007 and rated #1 Windows commercial security scanner by Nmap users for two years running

5 Top features (1/2) Vulnerability scanning for Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, routers, switches and wireless devices across all environments including virtual machines An extensive, industrial strength vulnerabilities database incorporating over 15,000 vulnerability assessments, including OVAL (2,000+ checks) and SANS Top 20 Patch management for Windows OS and applications in any language supported by Microsoft Auditing functionality that checks whether any hardware was added/removed since last scan, reports on unauthorized software installations and more

6 Top features (2/2) Identifies out-of-date anti-virus and anti-spyware definition files on your network – Symantec, McAfee, Trend, F-Secure and more Powerful management and technical reporting through a specialize GFI LANguard ReportPack

7 Vulnerability scanning
Vulnerability scanning engine offers the capability to perform multi-platform scans (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) across all environments including virtual machines Easily create custom vulnerability checks through simple wizard-assisted set-up screens State of the art vulnerability check databases based on OVAL and SANS Top 20, providing over 15,000 vulnerability assessments when your network is scanned Easily configure scans for open ports, unused local users and groups, blacklisted applications, dangerous USB devices and more

8 Patch management and remediation (1/2)
Easily deploy missing service packs and patches network-wide Effectively install and manage patches in all 38 languages supported by Microsoft products Define, discover and uninstall applications that are authorized or not authorized to be installed on the network Remote desktop connection to fix security issues on scanned computers that cannot be fixed automatically

9 Patch management and remediation (2/2)
Deploy client software, update custom or non-Microsoft software, virus updates and more Other patch management features include auto-download of missing patches, patch-rollback and auto re-deploy if a computer/laptop is not currently switched on or connected to the network

10 Network, hardware and software auditing
Provides you with all the information you need to know about your network such as: Perform scheduled scans for new security holes or security set-up changes on your network and automatically compare results to previous scans Build a software inventory of all software installed on network View detailed information about the hardware configuration of all the scanned machines on your network Virtual machines Hardware and software installed Services CPU information Manufacturer and serial No. Auditing policies Operating System HDD space Users/Groups Wireless devices Network adaptors Shares

11 What’s new in v. 9? (1/2) Identify hardware or software changes made between scans Detection of virtual machines Automatic remediation of unauthorized applications Remote desktop connection to fix security issues on scanned computers that cannot be fixed automatically Extended hardware auditing facility to provide more detailed information on all the scanned machines

12 What’s new in v. 9? (2/2) A new user interface which allows effective use of GFI LANguard Monitoring dashboard that shows summarized results of all scans from the database and provides and overview of the most vulnerable computers and security status trends of the network.

13 Product snapshot Launch a new scan

14 Product snapshot Launch a new scan GFI LANguard scan results

15 Product benefits Over 15,000 vulnerability assessments carried out across your network, including virtual environments Reduces the total cost of ownership by centralizing vulnerability scanning, patch management and network auditing Automated options help to retain a secure network state minimal administrative effort Network-wide auditing functions provides a complete picture of network’s security set-up Prevents downtime and business losses due to vulnerability exposure #1 Windows commercial security scanner (voted by Nmap users for two years running) and Best of TechEd 2007 (security)

16 GFI LANguard ReportPack add-on
The GFI LANguard ReportPack is a full-fledged reporting companion to GFI LANguard This enhanced reporting package can be scheduled to automatically generate graphical IT-level and management reports based on the data collected during your security scans From trend reports for management (ROI) to daily drill-down reports for technical staff; the GFI LANguard ReportPack provides you with the easy-to-view information you need, to fully understand the ever-changing security environment of your network.

17 ReportPack snapshot Executive report showing network vulnerability summary

18 ReportPack snapshot Executive report showing network vulnerability summary Executive report showing network vulnerability trend

19 Product testimonials “I use GFI LANguard on over 1,000 servers. I do this alone for my NT team. GFI LANguard is the best tool that I have ever laid my hands upon! I will continue to recommend the product to our new customers, I have no doubt they will purchase it!” – Joel di Prima, Windows Security Officer, Hewlett Packard, Belgium “GFI LANguard in my opinion as an IT Manager is awesome! It has cut my hot fix deployment time to almost nothing. It also helps me troubleshoot any issues that I may have with my client machines.” – Jason Rivera, U.S. Poultry & Egg Association, IT Manager, USA Click here for more testimonials!

20 Product kudos These are just a few companies that are using GFI LANguard: Daimler Chrysler NATO Siemens Communications Limited United Overseas Bank Ltd Virgin Mobile Medical Research Council (UK) KLM & many more! Numerous product awards, here are a few:

21 GFI product complements
Best incorporated with: GFI EventsManager for network-wide event log management GFI Network Server Monitor which automatically sends alerts and corrects network and server issues GFI EndPointSecurity for network-wide control of portable storage media and consumer electronic devices such as mp3 players, USB sticks, iPods and more

22 Conclusion Quickly identify newly created shares, installed services, installed applications, added users, newly opened ports and more on both real and virtual machines Scan your entire network for security issues and patch them with a single combined solution for vulnerability scanning, patch management and system information acquisition Automatically detect and uninstall any unauthorized applications Easily audit the hardware configuration of all the scanned machines on your network Generate expert management level and technical level reports to fully understand the ever-changing security environment of your network Unbeatable pricing! For more information visit

23 More info and downloads
Click here to learn more about the product Check out our competitive pricing Download your FREE trial of GFI LANguard

24 Corporate overview Founded in 1992 Over 200 employees worldwide
Offices in US, Malta, UK, Hong Kong and Australia GFI products installed on over 200,000 networks worldwide, mostly SMBs A channel-focused company with over 10,000 partners worldwide The vision To become the technology of choice for IT security and productivity solutions. The mission To provide quality, cost-effective content security, network security and messaging solutions to IT professionals around the world.

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