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Science Project Due Date: December 17 th Turn in by Posting to Edmodo!

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1 Science Project Due Date: December 17 th Turn in by Posting to Edmodo!

2 Details ALL Presentations must be posted to Edmodo. I will grade what you post! Must demonstrate ALL the following steps! Due by December 17 th ! Only those who are entering the Science Fair should create display boards!

3 Step 1 Decide on a topic. You topic can be almost anything, but you must be aware that there are special rules for water quality experiments, experiments involving any microorganism (some are banned!), living animals including humans!

4 Step 2 After deciding on you topic, you should do some background research. You need to learn all you can about your topic BEFORE deciding on a question to test! You must include a written summary of your research for your presentation! Be sure to make a work cited page!

5 Step 3 From your research, you need to come up with a ‘testable question’ that you can answer with an experiment. This is NOT a report, it is a science project. You must do some sort of experiment.

6 Step 4 Write a hypothesis from your question. Basically, turn your question into a hypothesis by making it a ‘if _______, then _____’ statement.

7 Step 5 Develop you experiment. How will you answer the question? There are many ways to do this, depending on your question. Surveys, scientific tests, observations. You must collect data in order to answer your question. You must use the Scientific Method to answer your question.

8 Step 6 Write a procedure for your experiment, test, or survey. This is simply step by step directions so that someone else can repeat your experiment exactly as you have done it! They need to be number and in order…

9 Step 7 Determine your VARIABLES! You must have: only 1 independent or manipulated variable only 1 dependent or responding variable As many control variables as needed

10 Step 8 Conduct your experiment or test. You should set up your experiment and follow your procedure exactly! Do several ‘tests’ or ‘trials’ and collect data each time! Keep a record of EVERYTHING that happens just as it happened. Remember to report accurate results! Do NOT try and make you data match your hypothesis!

11 Step 9 Analyze your data. Do this by organizing the data into a graph or chart. The type of graph or chart depends on the data collected. The goal is to show the results in a easy to understand way.

12 Step 10 Write your conclusion. – Was your hypothesis supported or not? – Did you answer your question? – What was you answer? – How does your data ‘prove’ your conclusion?

13 Step 11 Create your presentation. It must include ALL the steps of your experiment. Your presentation can be a: – PowerPoint – Presi – Written Report Post your presentation on Edmodo!

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