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Event Registration A short tutorial Brought to you From.

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1 Event Registration A short tutorial Brought to you From

2 Logging in To begin the event registration you must first log into your member account, if you are a member. The blue arrows indicated where you would put your username and password. After putting in the required information, simply hit “Sign In”. Indicated by the red arrow.

3 Member Profile After you sign in you will see this page. The red arrow indicates a menu of things you can do inside your profile, each button will redirect you to a different page. The blue rectangle indicates optional things that act similar to Facebook statuses, and updates. The Activity Feed shows what other members are currently or have recently done on the website. The green arrow indicates the button that you need to click to move forward from this screen. “Calendar of Events”.

4 List of Events Here is a list of events from our previous selection, Calendar of Events After choosing a selection, it will direct you to that specific form for the event. For this example we are going to choose the PSSNY 136 th Annual Summer Conference. You will have to scroll down. The events are organized by date, so the Conference will be at the bottom because it is in June and it is currently April. Click “Register” to skip a step and jump directly to the registration form. The red arrow indicates the Event we want.

5 Selecting Register If you selected the “Register” option on the previous step, then please skip to the next step. After you select the 136 th Annual Summer Conference, you will be directed to this page and will then have to select the “Register” button in one of two places. Both places are shown here by red arrows. No other button on this page will progress you towards the next step of registration.

6 Registration Form Step 1 On this page, the blue area indicates the registration options. You must chose one based on how you plan on attending the Conference. The prices vary depending on how much time you will be spending with us. The green pen indicates options for guest and non- members who may just be interested in appearing for one particular event. The red area is information that MUST BE FILLED OUT in order to continue. After you have made your selection and filled in the required information, the purple arrow indicates the buttons to continue. If you wish to register multiple people, select the first button. “Save & Add Another Attendee”. If not, the “Save & Finalize Registration” button is the one for you.

7 Making Payment Step 2 In this step, you must fill in ALL of the information as accurate as possible. The Payment Information is crucial. If you choose the “Check/Money Order” option you MUST leave the check number in the comments at the bottom and fax in a copy of said check for our records at the office. That fax number is: 518.464.0618 If your Billing Information is the same as your Recipient Information, you can click the box I have indicated in Blue to bypass the third area of information.

8 Final Step This is the final step, you can now review all the information you have provided thus far, and double check your payment method. After you are sure everything is good to go you click the button that is indicated by the Red. “Complete Order” Note: I have 4 more items than you should due to this being a test.

9 Thank You

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