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Sentricon: How To Guide. How to Enter a New Sentricon Job First create a new service setup on the customer’s account.

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1 Sentricon: How To Guide

2 How to Enter a New Sentricon Job First create a new service setup on the customer’s account.

3 Once the service setup has been added, you will need to choose your Sentricon Monitor/Bait Check service in the first section. (If you are using PestPac to invoice your customers, you can enter a price per service here. If not, you can enter the price in the renewal.) Next, check the box to enter the info for your initial service order to be created for your Installation. Be sure to fill in a Service Date, Initial Service and Initial Service Price.

4 Enter a schedule if you use Normal Pestpac Rules to generate your Sentricon orders, otherwise leave this blank if you are using Sentricon Rules. If you will not be using this setup to bill the customer, change the Charge to Production. Otherwise, leave it on Service Order. Check the Sentricon Setup box and fill in the required fields in this section. Fill in a technician. Hit the Add button. If you are not setting up Parent/Child accounts, please skip the next slide.

5 If you are setting up a Parent/Child account, create the Parent setup first and note the number in the LF Group field. You will need to enter the Parent’s LF Group number into the LF Group field in the Setup on the Child account. Put the Linear Footage in the Parent setup and leave the Child Linear Footage as zero.

6 After adding the new Service Setup, you should be brought back to the main Location screen. You should see a Sentricon setup for your Monitor/Bait checks and an Initial Service Order for the Install. If you are using Pestpac to bill your customers and chose not to bill the customer using the Service Setup, click on the New Renewal link to create a renewal on the account.

7 In the Renewal screen, enter a renewal service and price. Then enter a Start Date and the Renewal Date will automatically populate as a year later. Hit Add.

8 Your final account screen should look like this if you have created a setup and a renewal for this Location. If you hover over the Initial Service Order you can see that it is linked to the Service Setup. It must be linked to the Setup in order to scan devices onto that order with the Handheld. Your installation order is now ready to be downloaded to the handheld for the technician indicated.

9 Deactivating a Non-Renewed Client Edit the Monitoring Setup and the Renewal (if one exists) and uncheck the Active checkbox. Hit Save.

10 Once you uncheck the ‘Active’ checkbox, this prompt will come up explaining that Child setups will also be deactivated. Click Yes

11 Once the Setup and Renewals are Inactive, you will see an ‘ I ’ to the left of each. Next, open the Service Orders on the Location to post them as Not Serviced.

12 Click Post

13 Click on the Post to New Batch link

14 Check the Post box Choose a NS (not serviced) reason under the Order Type field. Click on Done

15 Release your batch.

16 Reactivating an Old Client Edit the Monitoring Setup and the Renewal (if one exists) and check the Active checkbox. Hit Save.

17 If you need an order for the current month you are in, you will have to create one using the blue order link on the monitoring setup. If you are using ‘Sentricon Rules’ (order is created by posting the previous order) for generating your Sentricon orders you will need to do this, regardless if you need one for this month or not.

18 If you are generating your Sentricon orders using ‘Normal Pestpac Rules’, make sure the Next Gen Date is showing the date of the next time you need to visit this site.

19 Reviewing Renewals There are a few different ways to mark a site as “renewed”. The first way is to go into the monitoring setup on the customer’s account and click on the Pay Dow link in the Sentricon section. This will advance the SAD one year forward. This method would most likely be used if you do not enter payments in Pestpac.

20 If you do enter payments in Pestpac, you can mark the site as ‘renewed’ when entering the renewal payment. Choose the ‘Pay’ option to the left of the renewal and check the Pay Dow box in order to advance the SAD one year.

21 The last way you can mark a site as ‘renewed’ would be from the Sentricon Summary Report screen. Go to the Tools menu and select Export Sentricon Data.

22 Select you AO code and click on View

23 Click on the Renewals button

24 A listing will be provided of those who are due for renewal. Click on Edit to change the status of each site.

25 After hitting Edit, you will see that the Awaiting and Pay Dow radio buttons are no longer grayed out. Select Pay Dow if the customer has paid for their renewal. This will move them to the bottom half of the screen. Hit Save once you are done. Those who you clicked Pay Dow for (either in the monitoring setup or in the payment screen) will also be on the bottom half of this screen.

26 When you are ready to submit your monthly Summary Report to Dow, click on the Generate button to create the report. Submitting Monthly Summary Report

27 Once you have generated your Summary Report, you must Display it before submitting it to Dow. If you view the report and find a mistake, you can click on Void, go back to the accounts to make changes and then re- generate the report. Export will open the report in Excel.

28 To send the report to Dow, click on the Release link. It will give you a message that the report has be sent successfully once it has gone through.

29 PSR Reports To run any of the Phase II Product Stewardship Reports, go to the Reports menu and down to All Reports. Then scroll down to the bottom right and click on the Phase II PSR link.

30 - The Past Due Visit report is required and will identify sites more than 14 days past due on a quarterly monitoring schedule. 90% of sites with correct inspection frequency will result in a passing score.

31 The Average Station Spacing report is required and will identify sites which have stations that appear to be too far apart, or too close together. 90% of sites with correct station spacing will result in a passing score

32 The Unreported Sites report is required and will identify sites that have not been reported as an installation.

33 The Incomplete Site Inspection report is optional and will identify sites which did not have all of the stations scanned on the last monitoring visit.

34 To run the Summary Report, choose Summary Report under Output Format. Then choose your AO code and hit Print/Display. The Summary Report captures all of the required reporting elements and is the only report submitted to DAS. Each AO branch must submit a report with passing scores for each required element by December 15 th.

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