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Continents, subcontinents, regions & Countries

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1 Continents, subcontinents, regions & Countries

2 Continents & Subcontinents
One of the large, continuous land masses of the earth North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, Antarctica Subcontinents A large, distinguishable part of a continent Examples: Indian subcontinent, southern Africa

3 Continents of the World
North America

4 Continents of the World
South America

5 Continents of the World

6 Continents of the World

7 Continents of the World

8 Continents of the World

9 Continents of the World

10 Regions of the World Region
An area or division of the world or a country that has definable characteristics but not always fixed boundaries There are regions of the world, and regions of specific countries

11 Regions of the World Latin America

12 Regions of the World Middle East

13 Regions of the World Balkan Peninsula

14 Regions of the World Southeast Asia

15 Countries of the World Country Nation Nation-states
a nation with its own government living on a particular territory (land) Nation A group of people which share a certain culture, religion, language, common history, etc. Nation-states When a nation of people have a country of their own (Examples: France, Japan, Egypt)

16 Countries of the World

17 You’re Wearing Geography
Look at your list of items & countries – now try to complete the chart. What region & continent is that country a part of? Example: Stapler – China – Southeast – Asia

18 You’re Wearing Geography
Map: Label all of the continents & oceans. Label ONLY the countries that you found items from. Put RED dots in those countries for the number of items you found.

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