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The Book of Acts.

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1 The Book of Acts

2 Aka The Gospel of the Holy Spirit

3 The story of Acts begins with Jesus’ appearances over a course of forty days after his resurrection.
The disciples are told to remain in Jerusalem until they receive the power of the Holy Spirit Jerusalem was thought as the place to which salvation came.

4 Divisions in Acts Part 1 Part 2 It’s All About Paul
The Early Church in Jerusalem Jesus’ Ascension Apostles wait Matthias replaces Judas Pentecost Apostles are empowered Preaching of Peter Healing and good works of Apostles Sharing of possessions Stephen is martyred Philip interprets the Bible Peter accepts gentiles Council of Jerusalem It’s All About Paul A zealous anti-Christian Experiences Conversion (part 1)

5 Acts Scholars prefer the designation of: Acts of Peter and Paul
The author gave not title to this book But later church writers dubbed it “Acts” In the sense of deeds Two major figures Paul Is prominent in seventeen chaps. is only twice called an apostle Peter Is prominent in nine or ten chaps. Scholars prefer the designation of: Acts of Peter and Paul

6 Author The author is Luke Acts is also dedicated to “Theophilus”
Who is reminded of the basic content of the first volume of the work “all that Jesus did and taught from the beginning until the day when he was taken up to heaven.

7 Date: The same information used to date the Gospel of Luke applies to the Book of Acts
85 C. E. The church structure/hierarchy in the Book of Acts is not highly developed. Date

8 Audience A Gentile audience that converted to Judaism
They see themselves as Jews Follow Jewish traditions Worship at Jewish synagogues Audience

9 Sources Unlike the Synoptics (4 Source Theory), the Book of Acts draws upon its own or borrowed traditions that are not traceable. The Book of Acts stands alone as the first “history” of the Church

10 General Themes in the Book of Acts
Acts picks up after the death and resurrection of Jesus Acts recounts the large-scale conversions to Christianity after the death of Jesus Acts recounts the miraculous deeds of the Apostles Acts recounts the conversion of the apostle Paul and his missionary activity (compare to the letters of Paul) General Themes in the Book of Acts

11 Acts in Relation to the Gospel of Luke
Acts is the second volume of a two-volume work (Luke/Acts) that were meant to be circulated together Both Luke and Acts are written to the same recipient (Theophilus) Although circulated together, Luke and Acts represent two differing types of literature: 1. The Gospel of Luke- life of Jesus 2. Acts, in contrast, sketches the history of the Church after the death of Jesus For the Gospel, the ascension visibly terminates the activity of Jesus on earth; for Acts, it will prepare the apostles to be witnesses to him to the ends of the earth.

12 Early Christianity : A Movement within Judaism
The Way A term used to describe those who were followers of Christ Always thought of themselves as Jews following the Messiah as the prophets foretold Affirmed the promise of the Messiah Foretold by the prophets Recognized Jesus as that Messiah Did not reject the Law or the prophets or the history of the Israelites.

13 Acts: after the crucifixion
The disciples were afraid after Jesus’ crucifixion They might be crucified, too Why did he die – was it all for nothing? The risen Jesus reassured the disciples that death had not won He promised he would come again But the disciples did not know what to do, what was next Hiding or execution Where would they get the courage to preach the Good News?.....

14 Theme in Acts: Pentecost
10 days after the Ascension, the disciples gathered for Shavuot (Jewish Pentecost) Shavuot celebrates the giving of the Commandments to Moses at Mt. Sinai Result of experience Moses experiences God directly 10 Commandments + all other commandments = 613 Jews had a renewed identity of being God’s people, whom God had released from bondage and would reclaim Canaan

15 Pentecost Back to the disciples:
They are celebrating Shavuot when, suddenly: A violent wind blew through the room Tongues of fire appeared above their heads All were filled with the Holy Spirit All began to speak other languages (in tongues) The disciples experienced first hand the power of God – Holy Spirit

16 The coming of the Holy Spirit
Result of this experience Knew that God was calling them to a special mission: to preach the KofG Were no longer afraid of persecution or death. Renewed their identity as followers of Jesus – The Way Event known as the Birthday of Church

17 Shortly after Pentecost
it is said that 3000 people were baptized Peter led the Baptisms making Peter a central figure in the eyes of Jesus’ followers. Even though they were baptized, they still saw themselves as “Jews”. Worshipped in temple, synagogue, and homes

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