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Scripture: A Portrait of Jesus 7 th grade Chapter 3.

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1 Scripture: A Portrait of Jesus 7 th grade Chapter 3

2 Gospel – good news  All books were written by 125AD  Testify to the life, death and Resurrection of Jesus  Jesus is Son of God, is Messiah, Savior that was to be expected  Written after Pentecost  Inspired by the Holy Spirit  God is the real author of the Gospels Living Word of God

3  Others may have done writing and editing but credited evangelists  Q German for quelle which means source

4 Gospels  4 accounts of the life and teachings of Jesus  Meant to be pictures of Jesus’ life  Each author :  Wrote what he thought most impt.  Wrote for a certain audience  But say same message,”Jesus is the Messiah”

5  We are not certain who wrote the Gospels  Tradition gives credit to:  Matthew  Mark  Luke  John  Evangelists – proclaimers of the Good News.

6  Mark was the first Gospel writer  Writers for Matthew and Luke took material from Mark and from another source – Q  Synoptic Gospels – same view

7  John’s Gospel  Last written  Written in different stylethat of a poem  Contains speeches and stories not found in the other books

8  Mark  63-70 AD  Companion of Peter  Written for persecuted Christians  Portrayed Jesus as a man of action and suffering

9  Matthew  80-100 AD  apostle  Written for Jewish converts  Used quotations from Old Testament b/c followers understood them  Portrayed Jesus as a teacher and the new Moses

10  Luke  70-90 AD  Greek doctor  Companion of Paul  Written for Gentiles (non Jews)  Infancy stories  Portrayed Jesus as Savior and friend of all

11  John  90-100 AD  Apostle  Written for Christians defending their faith  Poetic, symbols and reflective writings  Portrayed Jesus as the Son of God and Giver of life.

12  Inspiration – action of God which moves people to communicate what God wants made known using their own  Background  Culture  Language  Style

13 Other Inspired Books Acts of the Apostles – Luke tells the story of the early Church -begins with Ascension of Jesus -tells how first Christian communities were formed -Peter realizes that the Holy Spirit is calling all people of the world.

14  Paul – persecuter of Christians - He is converted -becomes greatest missionary for Jesus -he establishes Christian communities around the Meditteranean -

15 Letters (Epistles)  Most written before the Gospels  Most written by Paul who never met Jesus  Other letters  Peter  John  James  Jude  Stories of issues the Church had to face

16 Revelation  Last book of the Bible  Uses symbols to tell a story  Very hard to understand  Encourages us to believe in Jesus especially in times of suffering

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