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Created by Chris Bracken

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1 Created by Chris Bracken
Educate NXT PowerPoints INDEX Educate NXT PowerPoints can be used: In conjunction with Educate NXT the book or as a separate resource in the Robotics classroom. By teachers to aid with lesson presentation or by students to aid their understanding of robotics concepts and LEGO NXT (Note: Programming solution slides can be found at the end of a number of PowerPoints. These slides should be removed if encouraging student autonomy in learning.) 1st bullet: Can you use italics for the book title – Educate NXT? 1st bullet: lowercase “robotics” 2nd bullet: put a period after NXT. 2nd bullet: put a period after “learning” 2nd line of title: PowerPoint, remove the “s” –(Educate NXT PowerPoint INDEX) Created by Chris Bracken

2 Educate NXT PowerPoint Index
TOPIC POWERPOINTS Go to PowerPoints Info Introduction NXT – An Introduction Navigation Obstacle Navigation Navigation Accuracy Line Follow One Light Sensor Line Follow Two Light Sensors Line Follow Sumo Robot Sumo Robot Sumo – Giving Intelligence Follow the Leader Establishing a Bluetooth Connection Additional Challenges Gearing The Corridor Challenge Data Logging Bluetooth Remote Control Includes sample screenshots

3 NXT – An Introduction The NXT Brick features NXT Sensors
NXT-G Workspace NXT-G Blocks and their placement Back to INDEX

4 Obstacle Navigation Three ways to turn The steering slider
Accurate turning 90-degree turn Navigation course Back to INDEX

5 Navigation Accuracy One Rotation = Circumference
How far: Ratio and rotation Four Poles Challenge Programmed curve turning Split tasks and Wait for Time blocks Back to INDEX

6 One Light Sensor Line Follow
Attaching and reading a Light sensor Line Follow explanation Flowchart Trigger points Switches Loops Back to INDEX

7 Two Light Sensors Line Follow
Attaching two Light sensors Four possibilities for two Light sensors Flowchart Switch within a Switch Back to INDEX

8 Robot Sumo Real Sumo and Robot Sumo The doyho Remote-controlled Sumo
Flowcharts Wait for Touch, Loops Split tasks Back to INDEX

9 Robot Sumo – Giving Intelligence
Autonomy Behaviors Flowcharts Attaching an Ultrasonic sensor Sensor priority Back to INDEX

10 Follow the Leader Naming the NXT Brick Assigning behaviors
Random block Send and Receive Message block Wiring to Data hubs Running two separate programs Back to INDEX

11 Establishing a Bluetooth Connection
Turning Bluetooth on Master and Slave Passkey Previously established connections Back to INDEX

12 Gearing Equipment required Basic gearing setups Gear multipliers
Compound gearing Gear ratios Big compound gearing Back to INDEX

13 The Corridor Challenge
Attaching an Ultrasonic sensor Programming to turn right at an obstacle The wall gets in the way! A better path Combining Wait for blocks and Switch blocks Back to INDEX

14 Data Logging Real Time Data logging Data logging toolbar
Graphing motion (Scaling and Prediction) Logging the Line Follow The Data log Block (+ extra activities) Back to INDEX

15 Bluetooth Remote Control
Making a remote control (R.C.) Programming the R.C. Text block Resetting the Rotation sensors Reading and sending sensor values Receiving and acting on sensor values Back to INDEX

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