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EducateNXT NXT... an introduction The Kit and the Software.

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1 EducateNXT NXT... an introduction The Kit and the Software

2 EducateNXT The Brick Output Ports A, B, and C Three separate motor ports A BC USB 12 3 4 Input ports 1, 2, 3, and 4 Where sensors are attached

3 EducateNXT Select Buttons On and Enter Back and Off The Brick

4 EducateNXT Bluetooth connected Name of the brick Battery level (full) Icon selections The Brick

5 EducateNXT Sensors Detects the surrounding light intensity (not color) between 0 – 100%. The Light Sensor can generate it’s own light (Ideal for line following). To allow this to happen the “Generate light” box in the Light sensor block configuration panel needs to be ticked. Light Sensor

6 EducateNXT Harder objects will return more accurate readings than softer objects which can absorb the sound waves. It works by sending out and receiving sound waves. Similar to the echo sounding used by bats. It has a range of 0 – 255cm. Sensors Ultrasonic Sensor Allows a robot to detect the distance to objects and walls.

7 EducateNXT 25-100% Loud noise/music. 10-25% Talking to sensor as a microphone. The Sound Sensor gives readings of Sound Pressure in Decibels (dB) or Adjusted Decibels (dBA). For the Mindstorms NXT, the readings are presented as Percentages (%). Sensors Sound Sensor 0-5% Silence/Whispering. 5-10% Normal classroom noise. Note: dB – Sounds beyond our hearing range dBA – adjusted to our hearing range

8 EducateNXT Extra pieces can be added to the front of the Touch sensor to make a bigger bumper. As shown on the Touch sensor block configuration panel Sensors Touch Sensor The Touch Sensor can respond to being pressed, released or bumped.

9 EducateNXT NXT-G Software Main Working Space “Common” Block menu NXT Window – Access Brick info. (e.g., memory, battery, and so on) “Complete” Block menu Accessed here

10 EducateNXT Add Program blocks here. Download and run immediately NXT-G Software Main Working Space Download (Run from the brick) Starting point

11 EducateNXT Robot Educator A series of 46 lessons split into: Common – Easier (20) Complete – Harder (19) Data Logging – Mixed (7) Each lesson includes: Challenge Brief – Video or slides Building Instructions Programming Instructions

12 EducateNXT Written comments can be added. Pointer and Selection Tool (default) Grab Hand to move the work space around.

13 EducateNXT Move Wait For Touch Display Sound Switch (Touch) Some commonly used blocks

14 EducateNXT Drag (left-click) block here. Change the settings in the Configuration panel. Release when the white position preview marks appear. Placing Blocks on the working space

15 EducateNXT

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