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NXT Basics: Technic Building and NXT-G Erin Cejka Riecker Center for Engineering Educational Outreach Tufts University.

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1 NXT Basics: Technic Building and NXT-G Erin Cejka Riecker Center for Engineering Educational Outreach Tufts University

2 Getting to Know the NXT

3 Motors and Sensors

4 Hardware Comparison

5 Technic or “Studless” Building Pieces: Studless beams Connectors Axles Features: Symmetry Sturdy

6 Build a Two Motor Car

7 Software Options ROBOLAB 2.9 LEGO Mindstorms for NXT (NXT-G)

8 Using ROBOLAB 2.9 with the NXT New sensors Screen control

9 Using ROBOLAB 2.9 with the NXT NXT control panel appears during download

10 NXT-G Interface Toolbar Workspace Configuration Panel Help & Navigation Controller Palettes TutorialsWeb Portal Sequence Beam

11 NXT-G tools Pointer tool: move blocks, select blocks Pan tool: move within workspace Comment tool: add notes to your code

12 Intro to NXT-G: Palettes Common:Complete:Custom: MostAll blocksDownloaded commonlyand created used blocksblocks

13 Writing a Basic Program Drag and drop block(s) on sequence beam Manipulate Configuration Panel & Download

14 Intro to NXT-G: Controller Download & Run Selection Download & Run NXT Window Download Stop


16 In ROBOLABIn NXT-G Icons or VIsBlocks ModifiersConfiguration Panel Wiring together iconsSequence beams Need start & stop lightStart is given, no stop needed

17 NXT Rotation Sensor Built in to motors Measure degrees or rotations Reads + and - Degrees: accuracy +/- 1 1 rotation = 360 degrees

18 Viewing Sensors Connect sensor Turn on NXT Choose “View” Select sensor type Select port

19 NXT Sound Sensor Sound sensor can measure in dB and dBA  dB: in detecting standard [unadjusted] decibels, all sounds are measured with equal sensitivity. Thus, these sounds may include some that are too high or too low for the human ear to hear.  dBA: in detecting adjusted decibels, the sensitivity of the sensor is adapted to the sensitivity of the human ear. In other words, these are the sounds that your ears are able to hear. Sound Sensor readings on the NXT are displayed in percent [%]. The lower the percent the quieter the sound.

20 Challenge: Stop with sound Program your NXT car to drive until you yell “Stop”

21 Example Program: Stop with Sound

22 NXT Ultrasonic/Distance Sensor Measures distance/proximity Range: 0-255 cm Precision: +/- 3cm Can report in centimeters or inches

23 Challenge: Parking NXT Program your NXT car to drive forward until you “find a parking spot” (hit a touch sensor) The car should then turn into the spot, and stop when it gets close enough to wall.

24 Example Program: Parking NXT

25 A note about NXT memory Memory space is limited! To clear space, use NXT window Show and delete system files for more space

26 NXT Structure: Loops

27 Challenge: Stay on Table Program your NXT to stay on the table

28 Example Program: Stay on Table

29 NXT Structure: Switch

30 Challenge: Remote Control Program car to drive while the touch sensor is pushed and stop while the touch sensor is released

31 Example Program: Remote Control

32 NXT Sound NXT can play sound files or notes Sounds take up more memory space

33 NXT Display Display images, text, or drawings Choose location on display screen 100 x 64 pixels (up to 7 lines of text) Graphics take up memory space

34 Challenge: Say Hello Have the RCX say hello using sound and the display screen Don’t forget – the program ends after the last block. You may need a wait for to see the display. Caution: one of the options in the configuration panel is Clear – use it to clear screen. Otherwise, uncheck the box!

35 Example Program: Say Hello

36 My Blocks Create custom blocks Saved in custom palette Download blocks from the web

37 Creating My Blocks Write the code for the My Block

38 Creating My Blocks Select all the blocks to be used for My Block

39 Creating My Blocks Choose “Create My Block” on toolbar Or, go to the Edit menu and select “Make a new My Block”

40 Creating My Blocks Name My Block Add a description

41 Creating My Blocks Create a custom icon

42 Creating My Blocks My Block appears in Custom Palette

43 Challenge: Create My Block Come up with a program where you might use a My Block May use it to repeat actions or to conserve workspace

44 Example Program: Create My Block This program displays “If you’re happy and you know it, press the touch sensor (and hold it)!” If the touch sensor if pressed, it displays a happy face, otherwise it displays a sad face A My Block is used for the text display

45 Example Program: Create My Block

46 Design Challenge: Alarm System Build an alarm system using the NXT Alarm can be triggered by any sensor (or use more than one) Alarm should have an audio component Alarm can use display or motors as well

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