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Wharton Asia Exchange Asian Equities Trading Competition.

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1 Wharton Asia Exchange Asian Equities Trading Competition

2 WAX  Focus on business in all of Asia  Foster cultural and professional exchanges between the university and Asia  Build a network of leading authorities in various fields  Help members develop academic and professional skills in an environment of cultural awareness

3 About the Competition  Four weeks of trading to see who can increase the value of their portfolio the most  Benefits:  Learn more about the Asian markets  Find opportunities to explore  An experience to talk about during interviews  Access to comprehensive market reports  Participate in an exclusive workshop

4 Timeline  March 23: Info Session  March 24: Deadline for Registration  April 15: Workshop  April 28: End of Competition

5 Teams  Register individually or  Register in teams of 2-3 Awards  First place: $100 cash per team  Second place: $50 cash per team  Third place: $50 cash per team

6 OTIS Initial Cash: $100,000 USD Securities which can be traded: Asia/Pacific: Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan Day trading: Disabled Commission Rate: Flat Rate $25.00 Duration for GTC (Good-Till-Cancelled) orders: 14 DAYS Liquidity Constraints on Equities: Equity Trading is limited to 5.00% of the average daily volume for that stock for past five trading days. Trading on Margin: Enabled Short Selling: Enabled Link:

7 Resources  News Sources  Economic Indicators  Company Data  Thomson Database of Analyst Reports  Download the full package from our website:

8 Q&A If you have any other questions about the registration process, OTIS, or competition details, please contact: Linda Dong: Remember to register by Tuesday!

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