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Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation By Shelby and LOLA THE DESTROYER.

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1 Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation By Shelby and LOLA THE DESTROYER

2 ★ First mentioned during former Prime Minister of Australia Bob Hawke’s speech in Seoul. ★ Founding members: Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and the United States. ★ 1991 China, Hong Kong, China and Chinese Taipei join. ★ 1993 Mexico and Papua New Guinea join followed by Chile in 1994. ★ 1998 Peru, Russia and Vietnam join. History of Agreement

3 ★ Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile ★ People's Republic of China ★ Hong Kong, China ★ Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea ★ Malaysia ★ Mexico, New Zealand ★ Papua New Guinea ★ Peru ★ The Philippines ★ Russia ★ Singapore ★ Chinese Taipei ★ Thailand ★ The United States ★ Viet Nam Regions and/or Countries

4 Mission Statement: “APEC is the premier Asia-Pacific economic forum. Our primary goal is to support sustainable economic growth and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region. We are united in our drive to build a dynamic and harmonious Asia-Pacific community by championing free and open trade and investment, promoting and accelerating regional economic integration, encouraging economic and technical cooperation, enhancing human security, and facilitating a favorable and sustainable business environment. Our initiatives turn policy goals into concrete results and agreements into tangible benefits.” What the Agreement Affects

5 ★ The average tariff levels of Apec economies has been driven down from 17 per cent in 1989 to 5.7 per cent in 2011. ★ Gives countries in poverty the chance to make trade agreements with established economies. ★ Joint research and development projects, strengthens bonds,security, and makes the economy grow. Facts on Agreement Benefits

6 ★ Foster economic, political, and financial relationships with other Asian countries. ★ Allows a forum to discuss issues (e.g. free flow of labor among Asian countries, trade facilitation, China-Philippines-Vietnam-Indonesia conflict on the Spratly Islands). ★ Allows Asian countries to dialogue with economic power houses such as Japan and USA. delete later brahh

7 ★ “It remains the only trans-Pacific regional organization that hosts a leaders-level meeting at which Canada is present” (Foreign Affairs). ★ “Canada can engage in bilateral and multilateral discussions and negotiations in one of the world's largest economic zones, where many of our key trade partners are also members”(Foreign Affairs). ★ Lets Canada be involved in projects and discussions involved with world issues ex.counter-terrorism, investment facilitation,economic cooperation. Impact on Canada

8 ★ Malaysia Internet-Driven Growth - Making countries in Pacific-Asia more connected, giving countries more access to the internet, making it easier to start businesses,and share information. ★ Philippines Building Financial Sector- Making it easier to access the capital and markets for small businesses(half of employment), more banks easier access to financial help, secure placement of money. ★ Philippines Scholarship Initiative - Access to over border study, better training, internships, and sponsored study. News

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