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Better By The Bunch: The Tour Industry Today

2 OBJECTIVES: Describe the many kinds of tours that exist
Explain why tour manager jobs are in such demand Determine what motivates people to take a tour Explain how tours are priced and sold

3 TERMS: Adventure tour All-inclusive tour Day tour Deadheading
Ecotourism Fly-drive tour Incentive tour Mystery tour Split itinerary Tour Tour manager Tour operator Transfer service Trip director

4 TOURS Tour: any preplanned package to one or more places, which includes two or more travel components (flights, lodging, attractions) Tour: can be highly structured or loosely organized

5 KINDS OF TOURS Escorted Tour: structured tour with a travel professional that oversees everything Tour Manager: the professional in charge of all details of the escorted tour, may also be called the tour leader, tour director, escort, conductor or tour guide

6 KINDS OF TOURS Motorcoach tour: Escorted tour with main mode of transportation is a motorcoach Motorcoach: the preferred mode of transportation for escorted tours, “bus” designed for touring, may cost as much as $500,000

7 KINDS OF TOURS Intermodal tours: combines different types of transportation into one package; may include bus, train, airplane, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.

8 KINDS OF TOURS Hosted tour: similar to escorted tour, however, guide only meets with travelers and does not travel with them Independent tour: for travelers that want their own itinerary, but get discounts for a package that includes overnight accommodations plus one or more other travel components, you get to a destination, then do what you want ( this type of tour out sells other tours 4 to 1 in the U.S. and Canada) Fly-drive tour: must have air transportation and rental car

9 KINDS OF TOURS Day tour: lasts fewer than 24 hours, usually a city tour Site tour: conducted at a specific building, attraction or limited area, may be a walking tour or a vehicle tour

10 KINDS OF TOURS Adventure tour: features physical activity such as hiking, diving, white-water rafting, safaris, etc) Sustainable tours: also known as ecotourism, where you “leave no trace” of a human being there Incentive trip: business with pleasure, usually a company’s way of rewarding an employee

11 Tour Facts: U.S. and Canada spend $11 Billion a year on tours
Tours packages are purchased from tour companies, packagers, brokers or wholesalers Travel agents like to sell tours because they make commissions from suppliers

12 Why people take tours… Time and Money: tours often give you a better deal for your money-you get more with the package Quest for Knowledge: you “learn” as you travel, often the most important benefit of a tour Camaraderie: you meet people and become friends, share the experiences Groups: you go with a group when you foresee problems such as language, customs, safety issues

13 Tour Price All-inclusive tour: offers most of its features for one price, traveler usually pays for most everything before they go Cost: depends on where, when and how long the trip is

14 How Tours are Sold… Public or per-capital tours: sold to the general public and groups Customized or charter tours: tailored to a specific group, for a specific price Inbound operator: company that concentrates on tours in a particular city, area or country Outbound operator: company that takes groups from a particular city or country to another country

15 Careers in the Tour Industry
Senior executives, directors, and managers Clerical support Reservationists Tour conductors Tour guides District sales managers Human resource officers Tour planners Drivers Technological support

16 Web Sites American Association of Museums (AAM)
American Bus Association: (ABA) National Tour Association (NTA) U.S. Tour Operators Association (USTOA)

17 Touring with the Internet
Brendan Worldwide Vacations: Collette Vacations: Contiki Holidays: Tauk World Discovery: Travcoa:


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